Soapy Little Guy

Soapy Little Guy

You like teddy bears and bubble baths? Soapy bears and dopey ducks? There's a pin for that. Maybe two. (actually three)
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The Soapiest Bear in The Teddy Garden

I'm Theo! Caretaker and owner of The Teddy Garden. A whimsyland of illustrations, animations, plushies and art dolls and home to an eclectic ensemble of characters & creatures.

I'd like to introduce you to the official Garden mascot, Soap the Bear.

Soap the Bear will be my second enamel pin EVER.
My little crow character Crowley had the honor of being the first, as part of a successful crowdfunding campaign I had a few years back.

Why Soap?

My first art brand, that I started at just 12 years old, contained my given name and was called Jaali's Dollies. I felted little creatures and animals and sewed plushies. People came to associate my work with being "for kids" and I wanted desperately to be seen as a "fine artist"... so I became The King Crow Studio. It felt right...for a little while, but I burned out trying to make things I wasn't passionate about.
As a queer, non-binary artist my identity and artistic direction have evolved and changed, and in fall of 2023, I became Theo. Creator and caretaker of The Teddy Garden.

Enter...SOAP. Official Mascot for The Teddy Garden.

Soap the Bear is the result of years of trying to figure out where I belong in the world of artists.
He is a reminder that all I want to do with my art is make people happy.
He's a bear, which is my favorite animal. His main colors, red, blue and yellow are a little throwback to elementary school with the use of primary colors. He's a plush, but thinks he's a polar bear(and maybe he is)
I can quickly doodle him and post it proudly without spending hours and hours worrying about it being "perfect"
He is a reminder that art should be fun.
So what better way to never forget that, than by wearing a silly little pin of a silly little bear?


The three pins I am offering in this campaign are:
  • Soap, sitting pretty.
  • Soap's rubber ducky, Pato Bata(Pato means duck in several languages and Bata means duck in Swahili 🩵)
  • Teddy Bear Soap.
Each pin will be 1" hard enamel with rubber clutches.



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I am delighted to be a part of Pintopia 2, a celebration of creativity and collaboration with other artists. It's a fantastic digital art show!

The idea for Pintopia 2 is every participant has a solo crowdfunding campaign AND collaborates with another artist for two cross-collab pins, offered as freebies when BOTH campaigns are 100% funded and supported.
I am SO EXCITED to be collaborating with La Blue Gal and her babelicious cow girls. Check out, and back her campaign to get our freebie pins!
Here's the Milky Boi! Hard enamel, 1.25" rubber black clutch. 


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