Fugitive 2nd Edition & RUN

Fugitive 2nd Edition & RUN

Fugitive and RUN are quick, tense, hidden movement games of cat-and-mouse.
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In the Box

Here is a product render of RUN:

Take a look at the current plan for all components in the box for RUN:
  • Rulebook
  • 2 Custom Screens
  • 2 4 Double-sided maps (4 8 playable maps) 
  • Evidence board
  • Runner action board
  • Rank board
  • Runner figure
  • Dispatch helicopter figure
  • Dry erase marker
  • 6 Rank cards
  • 8 9 Dispatch backup cards
  • 14 Runner action tokens
  • 4 Gadget tokens
  • 5 Dispatch action Tiles
  • 8 9 Backup action cards
  • 24 Dispatch tracking disks

We’ve got a head start on Fugitive 2nd Edition—take a look at our latest production sample below.

Nestled into Fugitive’s highly portable box, you’ll find:
  • Updated rulebook
  • Decks board
  • Marshal’s notepad board
  • 1 2 Dry erase marker
  • 2 Role cards—one for the Fugitive and one for the Marshal
  • 42 Hideout cards
  • New double-sided hideout #42 card
  • 4 8 SHIFT cards

Stretch Goals

Your support helps us add more to the final product! We'll be updating this list of stretch goals throughout the campaign.



We’ve shared some early preview copies of RUN with reviewers, playtesters, and content creators. Here’s what they’ve told us:

Plenty of reviewers have shared what they enjoy about Fugitive over the years. Here are some of our favorites:



Both RUN and Fugitive 2nd Edition contain systems that provide game-to-game balancing, something we felt would help get these 1v1 games to the table more often.

In the case of RUN, you have a Rank system where players can record their victories with each role, Runner or Dispatch. A lower rank gives you additional tools to make the game less difficult. For example, a brand new Dispatch player might lose track of the Runner more easily on the first playthrough of the game, so Rank 1 Dispatch gets to use surveillance cars that alert Dispatch when the Runner visits one of their stashes.

Rank 3 is the default rank in RUN and has no additional rules. Early ranks are like training wheels that get taken away as players learn the game. Ranks higher than 3 will add rules that make the game harder.

Previous editions of Fugitive had event cards that ended up underutilized, and play between an experienced Fugitive player and a novice can be rough. So to help solve both issues, event cards were reimagined as brand new SHIFT cards.

We loved the way the SHIFT system in Mind MGMT, another great deduction game, enhanced the game-to-game experience for players even if they lost! So with the go-ahead from Off the Page Games, we used the name and incorporated SHIFT cards into Fugitive 2nd Edition for a similar purpose.

When playing a series of games (best of 3, best of 5, etc.) in Fugitive 2nd Edition, players now choose from a pair of random SHIFT cards whenever they lose a game in the series. Every SHIFT card has a unique ability that changes up the game and tilts the scales in that player’s favor. Players can still switch roles from game to game in the series, as each SHIFT card has both an ability for the Fugitive as well as the Marshal.



NOTE: Add-ons can be added to your pledge now by increasing your pledge, or after the campaign ends in the Pledge Manager.

Event Cards differ from SHIFT card in that they are random events that get shuffled into the hideout decks and have an effect whenever they get drawn by either player.  Whereas SHIFT cards are held in your hand can be used at a time chosen by the player. Note that the Event cards too large to fit in the Fugitive box, but may be able to be swapped out with other items to make room (like SHIFT cards or game tile boards.



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How to Play RUN

If you want to view/download the current draft rulebook of RUN, click here.

Every move each player makes is hidden by a screen. You never quite know where your opponent is on the 6 x 6 grid in front of you. The Runner has to efficiently navigate from stash to stash until they can escape at the safe house. Buildings become obstacles that usually make the Runner’s life a bit more difficult. The Dispatch player controls a helicopter and gets to zoom around quickly, soaring over obstacles, in their relentless pursuit of the Runner.

The Runner sprints to the right, which is a loud action. Dispatch will know which tile they used, but not how far they moved.

As the Runner you must use an action token each turn. Whenever you take an action, that token moves from your board to the Dispatch’s evidence board. Some actions are loud and are placed face up on the evidence board. Other actions are silent and get placed face down instead—silent actions keep your movements a mystery to the Dispatch. Because you have an increasingly limited pool of action tokens, your decisions get more and more tense as you try to traverse the board to your necessary destinations.

The Runner uses a quiet action to pick up gear from a stash. Dispatch will know the Runner only moved 1 space, but not which direction.

You need to visit 3 stashes to win the game as the Runner, but stashes have another use: they give you powerful gadget tokens. When you end your turn on a stash, flip the stash token over to reveal a random gear and (secretly) place it on your action board. This token gives you a new, special type of movement you can make on your turn.

This combination of a silent and loud move means that the Runner could be almost anywhere in rows 4, 5, or 6.

As the Dispatch player, you'll need to deduce where the Runner might be at. You can use your evidence board and tracking markers to stay on the Runner's tail. 

Dispatch scans the current row, and the Runner tells Dispatch that the row is empty.

As Dispatch you have the option to move your helicopter each turn, and you also must use one of your Dispatch actions. Every time you use a particular action, you flip it face down and tell the Runner which action you’re using and which spaces you are targeting. Because it’s flipped over, you won’t be able to use that action again until you get a chance to recharge.

Your Dispatch actions allow you to narrow down where the Runner might be, and your Flare Gun and Sonic Blast actions cause the Runner to take a hit. If the Runner takes 2 hits, they lose.

A missed action leads to a backup card for Dispatch. After scanning the south-west quadrant, the Runner's location is narrowed down to 6 possible spaces.

Most of the Runner’s actions help them stay hidden, and special gadgets from their stashes can make the Runner even more slippery. But Dispatch has one more tool to keep the chase more exciting. Whenever Dispatch misses the Runner with an action, they draw a backup card and immediately perform one of the options on the card. Some options are only available if the game has progressed to a certain point.

How to Play Fugitive

As the Fugitive you need bold moves and creative bluffs to win. Choose a hideout to play face down from your hand each turn—but there’s a catch! You can only play that hideout if its number is 1, 2 or 3 higher than the hideout before it. Try to keep the Marshal guessing as you make your way from hideout #0 to hideout #42 to escape.

If you’re the Fugitive, you might need to move just a little bit farther to make it to your next hideout. Luckily, you can use any hideout as sprint instead. Sprint gets placed face down underneath the hideout and lets you play a hideout higher than you would normally be able to. You can also play sprint cards as a bluff, but be careful! Sprint drains your hand of resources and limits your options moving forward.

As the Marshal, it’s all about thoughtful deduction. On every turn you draw a hideout card to narrow down the list of possible Hideouts for the Fugitive. You also attempt to guess the number of  a facedown hideout or hideouts—if you’re correct that hideout, and any sprint cards underneath, get revealed. If you’re ever able to reveal all the played hideouts, you capture the Fugitive and win.

CORE RULE change from 1st Edition: When the Fugitive doesn't play a hideout, he may draw an extra card from the lowest numbered pile that still has cards.

Fugitive 2nd Edition also adds a brand new SHIFT system to replace the old event system and help balance the game with players of different skill levels. Learn more by clicking here.

Want to watch some Fugitive gameplay? No Rolls Barred has a playthrough with some great gameplay and comedic commentary:



The map's graphic design indicates key details clearly while also providing a fun background for the frantic chase.

Ryan Goldsberry's classic art returns for Fugitive 2nd edition, visually relaying the narrative of an epic pursuit.

Fugitive 2nd edition will feature enhanced PVC cards with rich colors.

Fugitive Tournament

Starting now, we are hosting a free online tournament for Fugitive at PlayFugitive.com .
Play as much as you can to raise your rank as a Marshal and Fugitive.  The top 4 ranked players after two weeks will be invited to a live streamed tournament with some awesome prizes! More info to come.

To inspire your classic Fugitive swagger—here is the original trailer:


About Us

Tim Fowers: Designer of Fugitive, Development and Publishing

Tim has piloted many successful games, including Paperback, Burgle Bros, and the original Fugitive.

Moritz Dressler: Designer of RUN

Moritz is a German designer known for Spukstaben and the NSV sachet games. RUN is his first crowdfunded game.

Ryan Goldsberry: Art

Ryan is back for another Fowers Games project to bring RUN and Fugitive to life with his illustrations.

Skye Larsen: Development and Rules

Skye wears a lot of hats as he helps move Fowers Games projects from concept to reality.

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