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Kawaii Dragon Plushies

Kawaii Dragon Plushies

An adorable collection of chibi dragon plush toys! Perfect for snuggling!
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Hi Everyone! I'm Alyssa (Tokyo Girl)!
I design and create kawaii artwork and things! I have been an artist my whole life and I started my small business adventures at end of 2020. I am a mom to my adorable 1 1/2 year old daughter, Elloise, who is the light of my life and puts a smile on my face no matter how difficult life is being.

I have always been into Chinese and Japanese mythology, especially the Chinese Zodiac. I myself am proudly born the year of the Tiger, as well as my daughter Elloise! I have always told myself that aside from the year of the tiger, I would one day want a child born the year of the dragon because of the prosperity and fortune that is to follow those born in this year.

Well... lol I am getting my wish! I am due in November of this year!!

The process of making plushies is very involved and requires a lot of back and forth between the designer (myself) and the manufacturer. There’s a lot of steps and processes to go through to get the product to look the way I imagine and design it to be. The design of these dragon plushies took me over a year to do, and it took more than half a year to get the design right and perfectly the way I wanted it to look as a plushie.

The long journey, starting at the drawing and ending at the finished plushie!

Each Dragon character will have it's own unique theme and colors, as well as different eyes and embroidery designs! This campaign goal is to manufacturer Ella the Sakura Dragon, Calypso the Celestial Dragon, and Ryu the Chinese New Year Dragon!


I had originally planned to keep the stretch goal designs a secret until they were unlocked or close to being unlocked, but quickly realized people wanted to see them instead of be surprised   😅

Ren is now UNLOCKED, next up is Kai, the Koi Fish Dragon! 😍


Backers who pledge for at least 1 plushie will receive a limited edition keychain that is exclusive to this campaign.

Backers who pledge for at least 2 plushies will receive a 6x4 art print of Calypso and Tsuki (from thew Kawaii Kitsune Collection). (this designs is currently being worked on)

Backers who pledge for at least 3 plushies will receive a lanyard decorated with all of the Kawaii Dragon characters (that are unlocked).
(this design is currently being worked on)

Add ons will include acrylic keychains and enamel pins of the dragon characters!


Shipping is charge separately from the pledge amount, after the campaign ends!

Estimated Shipping Rates:

The plushies will be shipped in large poly mailers to reduce cost of shipping.
For any lost packages, or packages damaged in transit by the carrier, or packages delivered to the wrong address due to a backer imputing their address incorrectly, you can contact me and I will do what I can to provide assistance but it is ultimately not my responsibility nor will I be liable.
Also, if a package is sent back to me for address issues made by the backer or issues that are not a result in something I did wrong, the backer will need to cover the cost to ship the package again.

!!International Backers!!

Depending on what country you live in, you may be subject to pay additional taxes to receive your package. I am not responsible for these extra charges and if not paid, your package may be sent back to me and a refund will not be issued. Please keep this all in mind when pledging to this project.

April 2nd to April 27th - Campaign duration
Early May - Surveys go out to backers and funds collected
Early to Mid May - Production starts
Late August - Plushies ship from manufacturer to me
October - Plushies ship from me to backers

This is an estimated timeline of events. Production can take less time, or it could possibly take more time. 

The main subject of my art is nine-tailed kitsunes! I have created 14 different characters, all unique themes and colors, and I have made them into plushies! I sell many other things too, like keychains, enamel pins, stickers, lanyards, ETC!

If you are interested in checking out my other products, head over to my website
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