Proud Warlord of the official Purple Planet Horde!
Random Acts of Violet - A 1st Level DCC Purple Planet Project

Random Acts of Violet - A 1st Level DCC Purple Planet Project

“Random Acts of Violet” is an adaptation of encounters, beasts, and adventures for use with the DCC purple planet setting, designed specifically for lower-level characters. This is an official Purple Planet Horde project!
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Purple Planet DCC Horde

This project is part of Purple Planet DCC Horde, which runs from February 6th - March 5th 2024. Learn more →


Random Acts of Violet - Two Projects in a Single Publication

The creative minds at TSG, High Dive Games once again bring you new and exciting DCC/MCC gaming content. This time, we take on the desert wastes of an alien planet with a 1st level adventure, "Cavern of the Purple-People Eaters" plus a brand new, low-level area upon Harley Stroh's DCC Purple Planet setting.  
“The Purple Planet: Where tribes of man-beasts wage an endless war beneath a dying sun.  Where mighty death worms rule the wastes, befouled winds whistle through ancient crypts, and forests of fungi flourish in the weirding light. Where ancient technologies offer life…or a quick death.
Bereft of patron, friend, or god, your survival depends on quick wits and a strong blade.  Will you and your companions stand as conquerors atop this alien land? Or will you fall beneath the blast of an ink-black death ray, just another corpse left to litter the wastes of the Purple Planet?”       Harley Stroh


                          Two books in a single Purple Planet publication!  

Leaning heavily into appendix N and the stylings of Edgar R Burrows, Random Acts of Violet provides a self-contained, 1st level, follow-up adventure to Harley Stroh's gladiatorial funnel "Escape from the Purple Planet." This adventure, "Cavern of the Purple-People Eaters" can also be run with any group of first level characters regardless of how they arrived. A spell misfires, a phlogistonic mishap, penance dispensed by a displeased deity, massive failure on your latest artifact check, you woke up on the wrong side of the bedroll…Whatever the reason, your newly minted 1st level characters find themselves thrust upon a deadly world known as the Purple Planet. What now? How are they to survive the insurmountable odds posed by the kith hoards and giant death orms? Surely all is hopeless, unless they can find somewhere to hide.

In the words of Billy Mays, "But wait, there's more!"

As expected from the excesses of a rampaging horde, this project gives you much more then a single adventure. Random Acts of Violet lays out a brand new area of the Purple Planet ripe for exploration as your players hex crawl their way under the weirdling sun. Just as violet is a lighter shade of purple, this content represents risks that are (a little) less than the full force of what the purple planet has to offer. 

The aim of this adventure & zine content is to provide fun and exciting encounters for characters at level 1-2, allowing them a chance (albeit a small one) to advance and gain experience on this hostile world. Just as newborn sharks retreat to the mangroves for protection and survival, smart low-level parties will do well to explore these areas before taking on the main content found upon this deadly planet. 

All of this content in a single, horde sized package! Instead of offering (charging for) two separate books, I felt it was best to create a single publication to contain all of this content, giving you everything, bound under a single cover. Two distinct projects in a single horde production. 

Brought you you by TSG - High Dive Gaming


Included in this publication:

  • 50+ pages of DCC Purple Planet fun in an 8.5" x 11" format.
  • A completely new location on the purple planet with multiple zones for hex crawling encounters
  • A self-contained, 1st level adventure, "Cavern of the Purple-People Eaters"
  • 6 new types of exiled kith
  • All new purple planet monsters, weapons, mushroom variants, relics of the ancients, encounters, hex fills, a new spell, plus lots more  
  • Content linking this adventure to the project "Die, Robot!" created by fellow horde warlord C. Aaron Kreader at Studio 9, Inc.
  • Stretch goals, drop-in adventures, and additional content created by Stefan Surratt and Jeremy "Father Goose" Shuman (Welcome to the horde boys!)
  • Multiple encounter maps
  • Custom artwork by JEShields, Gambit Melendez, Teresa Guido, Louis Porter Jr, and more


Pledge Levels

There are tree pledge levels available for Random Acts of Violet:

$1 Show of Support: Not sure is you are ready to fully back the project? Wallet taking a beating from all of the great content being released right now? Not really interested, but you want to say "keep up the great work." Backers at this level will receive no content, but will be able to follow the project and potentially upgrade their backer level at a later date.

$9 Digital: All backers at this tier will receive a watermarked digital PDF copy of the adventure, zine content and all unlocked digital stretch goals. This pledge level will be fulfilled through use of a free digital download code from

$15 Print + Digital: All backers at this tier will receive a printed copy of the adventure, zine content and all unlocked, physical stretch goal content. Backers at this level will also receive a watermarked digital PDF copy of the adventure, zine content and all unlocked stretch goals, fulfilled through a free digital download code from

$50 Retailer Special - 5 Print + Digital Copies: This tier is for all you beloved store owners! You get Five (5) copies of the print version of Random Acts of Violet, plus all unlocked bonus content for your retail purposes. You will also receive a digital PDF copy of the adventure to provide to your customers along with their hardcopy purchase.

All project fulfilment will be coordinated with Goodman Games and the simultaneous release of all content for the Purple Planet Horde campaign.

A DCC Purple Planet Horde Project

We are proud to be part of a group of third party-publishers producing new works connected to Goodman Games' volume of Harley Stroh's amazing Purple Planet setting and adventure. During this BackerKit campaign, backers can get exclusive content when they support projects that are part of the horde...including this one!

To learn more, see the Goodman Games and other horde project sites:

Goodman Games: Return to the Purple Planet and Beyond
Martin Buinicki: O Happy Dagger!
John Cornyn: Roll Funky Dice
C. Aaron Kreader: 101 Hex Encounters, and Die, Robot!
Jon/Ben Marr: Wrath of the Orb Men!
James Pozenel: River of Lies
Ed Stanek: Memories of the Purple Planet

Cross-Project Stretch Goals

The warlords of the Purple Planet have gathered their kith into one strong united army of reavers. The Purple Planet Horde is victorious or falls – together!

Leaderboard. Some backers will have anagrams of their names included as NPCs in the Purple Planet product line! The top 10 backers by $ pledged, plus 10 other randomly determined backers, will receive this reward.
Dice. Back 3 or more Purple Planet projects at physical reward tier and get a free “purple planet 3d6” dice set! You must back at least 3 separate projects to get this reward.
Drop-in encounters. For each PP project backed at PDF or print reward tier, you’ll receive one PP bonus drop-in encounter. There are 7 different encounters, each unique to the appropriate project, so to receive all the encounters you need to back all the projects!
Runic Lore. If all the Purple Planet Horde crowdfunding campaigns end in success, each backer of those projects will receive bonus content focused on providing an interpretation on the Runes of the Purple Planet.

Generation upon untold generation have interacted with the runes. Their origins conflict from tribe to tribe or group to group. Enigma, discord, and sometimes enlightenment spring from them. Political significance and suzerainty are sometimes accorded them. The Runes of the Purple Planet possess a myriad of stories from the multitudes of prophets, storytellers, charlatans, priests, and scientists who have attempted to divine the secrets of the Purple Planet’s signature technology. 

The Rune Interpretations will only be unlocked if all Purple Planet Horde campaigns are successfully funded. Each Rune Interpretation will tell a story (its authority unknown) of the sigils origin and/or meaning within the confines of a single piece of paper which will be included with each publisher's fulfilled project. Backers of each of the associated 3PP Purple Planet Horde campaigns will get a set of interpretations for each project they back.

Track the Horde Projects Here!

Random Acts of Violet Stretch Goals

The contents and perks just won't stop pouring in. Back Random Acts of Violet in order to receive all of the following bonus and stretch goal content:

  1. Drop-In-Adventure: All digital and print backers of this project will receive a campaign exclusive, drop-in adventure including two anagram leaderboard winners, plus an entirely new method of spell casting. What's that - a new way to cast spells? Only backers of Random Acts of Violet will pierce the veil of secrecy, allowing your PCs to cast spells in a new and unique manner upon the Purple Planet.
  2. Horde Bonus: If all of the Purple Planet Horde projects successfully fund, all digital and print backers will receive our version of the Purple Planet Runic Lore content for use with your Purple Planet adventuring. 
  3. Back Three Bonus: If you back this project and at least (2) other members of the horde, in addition to the custom dice, you will get an exclusive drop-in adventure by Stefan Surratt. Written for, and available exclusively to those who back this project. "Drifting Through the Stars" is a single session adventure, setting your low-level characters up for adventuring within the Random Acts of Violet setting and giving you even more hours of Purple Planet fun.
  4. A Third Drop-In-Adventure & New Playable Race: Reaching $3,000 in funding unlocks a third drop-in adventure. Written by the creative mind of Jeremy "Father Goose" Shuman, this crowdfunding campaign exclusive comes in two parts; a two-page mushroom jungle adventure and the write-up for a new playable character race upon the Purple Planet. 
  5. Enhanced Printing Stretch Reward: Breaking the $4,000 funding barrier will allow me to upgrade the printing options for the stretch goal content, providing it as originally imagined. At this funding level, all print backers will receive the exclusive Random Acts of Violet stretch goal content as individually printed, high quality, two sided, full-sized, color cardstock printings. This includes all drop-in adventures and the rune lore bonus content.
  6. Free PDF Adventure: At $6,000 all backers will receive one PDF copy of a preciously published TSG, High Dive Games adventure module of their choice! See the Add-Ons for a list of titles. 

Compatable With Dungeon Crawl Classics

This product is based on the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game, published by Goodman Games. This product is published under license.  Dungeon Crawl Classics and DCC RPG are trademarks of Goodman Games.  All rights reserved. For additional information, visit or contact [email protected].

Shipping and Fulfilment

Shipping is not included in the pledge value. Shipping will be assessed via pledge manager closer to the fulfillment stage.

This is a multi-publisher project run in coordination with Goodman Games as a part of the Adventures on the Purple Planet and Beyond campaign. As an official Purple Planet Horde member, all fulfilment and timing will be run in conjunction with Goodman Games.  At this time we are working towards a single release of all printed content (horde and Goodman Games) as a single bulk shipment to each backer.  Our goal is to minimize the total shipping costs for multi-project backers.  

Shipments will originate as follows, by region:
  • US orders will originate from a US shipping location.
  • UK/EU orders will originate from a UK shipping location.
  • Canada orders will originate from a Canadian shipping location.
  • AUS/NZ/SEA orders will originate from an Australian shipping location.

This project has a wide variety of components, so it's hard to estimate exact postage. In general, US orders that consist solely of books are eligible to ship via media mail. Other regions will ship via the most economical method.

All digital content for Random Acts of Violet will be fulfilled using digital download codes, executed through This digital content will be sent out within 90 days of the end date for this campaign.  All add-on purchases (print and PDF) will also be fulfilled within 90 days, with sourcing from Shipping for add-on print orders will be separate from the main project. 

Stay tuned for estimated dates and details for print fulfilment on the main project and stretch goal material.
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project