The designer, Corey Andalora, participated in a 18-card contest that was held in the Weird Giraffe Discord Server. The contest was to develop a micro game in the same universe as a WGG game. Corey chose to use Fire in the Library as his inspiration. Something had to start the Fire that burned the Library down, right?!? 

Just as in Fire in the Library,  Explosion in the Laboratory is a push your luck game. You are going to be mixing chemicals, in hopes of pouring them into the beaker to score points. However, you must be careful or you might end up mixing a volatile chemical that will cause a bang! 

Every aspect of Explosion in Laboratory is rooted in Fire in the Library. The randomization of picking the chemicals, was inspired by the randomized drawing,  the progress cards where inspired by the tool cards. Even the progression of the game was inspired by Fire in the Library. Corey decided inverted it. In Explosion in the Laboratory you are pushing for the explosion in order to score higher. Meanwhile, in Fire in the Library you are trying to save the books from the fire. 





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