Rachel (Herald Selenay on BoardGameGeek) is an absolute legend for coming up with challenges for Fire in the Library, and she's back with a special one linked to Explosion in the Library! In Rachel's own words:

"After a busy Fall and a rather challenging Halloween (Esther's Ghost), now the Library is faced with a new threat: the newly-opened Laboratory next door... Gosh, those chemists can be clumsy..."

This challenge is running now and ends November 20th! To enter, just play the game solo (with the Technology Expansion and Rachel's own promo card entirely optional) and log your play on BGG! The top two scores from each player will be added together and whoever has the highest total wins!

There are more details over on the challenge page: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/306353/fire-library-explosion-laboratory-challenge-2022?itemid=9316337#9316337

Note: I highly recommend you check out Rachel's Esther's Ghost card as, not only is it a cool promo card, it links to the story Rachel is constructing as well!

Also note: at least as of the time of me writing this, this is an unofficial challenge and not officially tied to WGG, but I think that Rachel is awesome and if even one more person will join the challenge from me sharing it here, then heck yeah! 




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