Greetings fellow tabletop gamers! My name is Jess, and I have been invited to give a little introduction about me and what I do with WGG.

I’m a Woman of Color content creator, living in the Pacific Northwest US. I live with my husband and our two fur babies (a dog and a cat). I stream board game content on Twitch on my own channel and as a part of the Tabletop Live Network - a collective of streamers from around the world that play tabletop games live on stream. We have grown a lovely community during the pandemic and hope we can continue the love of board games for many years to come.

I own my own business, Community Connection Gaming, which strives to provide a welcoming space to the board gaming hobby. I have a wonderful couple in the Seattle area that supports me and CCG in our continuing mission to provide these spaces, and our community has grown to be over 600 people online! We are very fortunate to be in this place.

I have worked in the gaming industry helping with in-person and online conventions, and hope I can do the same here with Weird Giraffe Games. Carla and the rest of the staff have been amazing at providing a fun working environment, even if we're all working remotely from different parts of the country, heehee. I will be attending PAX Unplugged next month to meet with content creators and share the upcoming games and stuff from WGG, so if you're planning on attending the convention and are curious about what's to come from WGG, please schedule a meeting with me!

I think that's about it, but if you wanna know more, just ask me!  :)
Happy Gaming!
- Jess





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