Can you believe it's the final day for this campaign? It felt like we just launched and yet so much has happened since we did. Not only have all if you amazing backers helped us hit our initial goal, but we've pushed above and beyond unlocking 8 promo cards now. Can we make it to 9? One more day of sharing this campaign to your socials might get us there, so spread the word.

Throughout this campaign the team has taken time to introduce themselves and you've had a chance to learn about what each of us do here on the Weird Giraffe Team. I was asked to jump on and do one myself, so here i am. 
I'm Justin known as @PlayGamesSpreadJoy online, and I am the Booth Manager for WGG. If you've been to GenCon, Origins, or even PaxUnplugged the past few years you've likely seen me at the booth or heard a friendly howdy as you passed by. I've been helping Carla and WGG since 2019 at GenCon when Fire in the Library made it's big debut. I had a great time that year joking about how it was the "hottest" game at the con and egging people on to continue to save more books from the burning bag during my quick demos of the game, Starting there and seeing where the game has brought us with this pocket size prequel set in the Fire in the Library story has been a joy to be a part of. 
These days you've find me streaming with the team most Monday nights on the WGG twitch channel, answering questions over on Board Game Geek, or prepping for whatever convention is next on the horizon for the team. I would love to meet all of you amazing supporters some day, so if you ever make it to a convention we are at please come by the booth to say hi. We typically even have prototype copies of upcoming games like Explosions we can show off. 

Todays Question: Favorite Push Your Luck Game Experience?

Push-Your-Luck games always seems to invoke a level unknown risk that leads to exciting outcomes (or unfortunate failure) that seem to bring players back for more. Fire in the Library and now Explosions in the Laboratory give players those opportunities for experiences when everything seemed to work out perfect or even it might seem nothing could go right. Either way, we remember those games and they push us to want to try again to attempt to replicate the good times, or even improve on the unfortunate ones. 
Maybe its from Fire in the Library or another other push your luck style game, but we want to hear those stories of how someone's luck went from bad to worse, or maybe even hit it big to win a game. Those games we just can't forget and will remind us of the fun we've had playing are the stories we want to hear about and share.

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