Kidd Krampus: An Organic Plush, for Play & Display!
Kidd Krampus: An Organic Plush

Kidd Krampus: An Organic Plush

Kidd Krampus is a slightly weighted plush made of certified organic materials. He comes with four accessories including a Santa cloak, magnetic tongue, jingle bell choker, and a bag of mischief!
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Krampus plush featuring his removable accessories

Kidd Krampus will be the first WildnCrafty Companion! This design is for ages 3+, measures to a little over 12 inches ( 304.8 mm ) tall, and comes with four accessories! Two special features about WildnCrafty Companions is that they have magnets sewn into their mouths and hands and all of their clothes and accessories are interchangable! This allows for easy cleaning, dynamic styling, as well as imaginative play! In addition to being slightly weighted, this plush will be weighted to sit when placed, to allow for easy placement.

Removable clothing accessories for Kidd Krampus include...
🔔 Lush holiday cloak
  🔔 Jingle bell choker

Item props for Kidd Krampus include...
🔔 Tied Bag of Mischief 
  🔔 Magnetized Krampus tongue

Krampus' crowdfunding goal for creation is $10,000 USD. This total would produce Krampus plushies that include all of the clothing and props listed above and also go towards the safety certifications, as well as packaging costs.

Krampus’ tale comes from Alpine and Germanic folklore. On the night of December 6th, Santa and Krampus visit all of the children asleep in their beds. For those on the “Nice List”, Santa gives sweets and gifts. However, for those on the “Naughty List”... Krampus doles out punishment with his birch rods. Although Krampus works on December 6th, Krampus day festivities in parts of Europe are celebrated on December 5th, and is known as Krampusnacht!

My design of Kidd Krampus reflects Krampus in every way, but expands his personality to show his favorite hobby, which is writing. He enjoys the silence of Winter, as he finds it's the best time to be able to think and write.

As for me… Hello!👋  I’m L, an illustrator based in the US. For almost three years now I've been in the business of designing graphics like emotes, badges, screens, and PNGTubers for streamers on Twitch and YouTube, as WildnCrafty Designs®️.

Recently, I have been creating and refining my characters into turnaround sheets for reference, and while staring at my Kidd Krampus design it hit me like a birch rod - I want these characters to be real! Not just a sticker set or pins, but someone you can take with you anywhere. You can put them on display for the holidays, sit them down for tea parties or dress them in holiday attire. For me, my characters spark excitement, imagination and friendship and I hope to share that. To make this dream a reality, I’m trying out my first crowdfunding campaign on BackerKit!

Why is this plush more expensive than others?” We owe it to the planet to be as green as possible - now more than ever. I wouldn’t feel good about making a product that  would contribute to plastic waste. Thus, WildnCrafty Companions would be teaming up with US based Joyus Toyus™️ to make a completely organic plush!

Organic Plush Breakdown:
        ✅ 100% hypoallergenic
        ✅ Corn PLA fiber stuffing
        ✅ GOTS verified 100% organic cotton
        ❌ Synthetic fabrics, dyes, or fillers
        ❌ Chemical flame retardants
        ❌ Toxic dyes, pesticides, insecticides or GMOs

Find out more details in the FAQ!
Finally, these plushies pass stringent standards to be available for snuggling in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, EU, Australia and more!

For your support, you can earn Krampus themed stickers, pins, a wooden keychain, Yule newsprint wrapping paper, Krampus art prints, and of course, plushies! There are a lot of rewards to choose from, but it’s completely customizable! You could get just one plush, or add-on whatever you like to get exactly what you want, within your pledge amount. You will also have some rewards that bundle everything together for a cheaper price, rather than adding everything on at full price.

Please note, shipping is not included in the pledge price and will be the responsibility of the pledger.

Also, by pledging, you automatically get the opportunity to vote on the next plush design!

🎉 Voting has begun since we reached our 80% funding goal achievement in the Krampus campaign! 🎉 The upcoming Companions looking for your votes will be: Lirava Leshy, Bebe Baphomet, and Mothman ( fun name to be determined ).  

🎊 See the poll, here! 🎊

( From Left to Right ) Mothman, Baphomet, and Leshy

These are the current future designs, however, once one of these designs wins the "Next Plush Design" poll, I will have more polls after, to determine your preferences on their palette, accessories, and more! As an aside, you can get stickers of these three characters (  plus Bifful Bigfoot ) for free by...

1. Signing up to follow the Kidd Krampus updates ( found at the top of the page )!
2. Backing Krampus at
any level!

( From Left to Right ) Mothman, Baphomet, Bigfoot, and Leshy


If Kidd Krampus’ campaign is successful, I will work to get all Krampus pledge rewards mailed out in Autumn 2024, to get to you by early Winter 2024!

Shipping and applicable VATs will be calculated after the campaign ends. Please note, shipping and VATs will be the responsibility of the backer, due to the tightly budgeted nature of my first plush venture. Please note that add-ons may add to your shipping costs, and vary based on country. 

“Can you ship to the EU and UK?” Yes! The inspections for Kidd Krampus will pass EU and UK plush standards.  We will also have safety inspections approved for Canada and Australia!

Initially, I would like to continue with the mystical folklore and creepy cryptids theme to create a line of characters, including Mothman and the Wendigo, to support the foundation of my long-term goals. My end goal for WildnCrafty Companions is to have multiple wild ( as well as domesticated ) animal characters from biomes all over the globe. WildnCrafty Designs would then partner with zoos, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and shelters to promote wildlife conservation as well as domestic animal wellbeing.
If you’re “Wildly”  intrigued by my designs, you can find me on your preferred platform, with the links below!

✖️ Twitter / X ✖️
📸 Instagram 📸
🎥 TikTok 🎥
🌐 Website 🌐


🎉🎊 We have reached our campaign goal to fully fund Kidd Krampus and all of his accessories! 🎊🎉 

Can you hear the bell? The hooves? Krampus is coming... 🐐🔔

Firstly, I may sound like a broken record, but I would be remiss if I didn't say a huge thank you to everyone who has chosen to support me on this project. I would especially like to give a very special shoutout to my friends and family throughout this process, as well as all of the other BackerKit creators who chose to pledge. All of your combined efforts brought us to where we are now - who knew you were all so naughty? 😈

Secondly, make sure you have notifications turned on for the Krampus project. This option is at the top of the story page, and looks like this:
Selectable option, found at the top of Krampus' story page

Selecting this will keep you updated about your pledge's shipping and future plushies!

Finally, I would like to address the topic of extra funding. All funding that goes above Krampus' goal will be put towards WildnCrafty Companions production. This includes any extra funds needed for Kidd Krampus as well as being put towards the next plushy, whoever the winner of the poll may be.

To clarify, this isn't an official achievement for this campaign, as the next plushy will be a different campaign entirely. All amounts leftover from Krampus' production will automatically go towards the next plushy and therefore bring down the next campaign amount.
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project