Winnie the Pooh's Classic Playing Cards and Plushies

Winnie the Pooh's Classic Playing Cards and Plushies

Recapturing the glory days of Winnie the Pooh based on A. A. Milne and E. H. Shepard with this cute set of playing cards, lovingly recreated with custom artwork, based on the original books and illustrations.
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The Deck And Artwork

Step into the timeless world of Winnie the Pooh with our meticulously crafted card deck, evoking cherished memories and capturing the essence of classic tales. Inspired by the enduring beauty of A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard's original works, each card invites you to rediscover the magic of childhood and the power of imagination.

When selecting the front cover of the box, there was really only one choice for me!
Inside the box you'll find a map of 100 Acre Woods. Wouldn't want you to get lost on your adventures!
I wanted every side of the box to be beautiful.

This is the back of the box, please do note that the final version will have to be revised slightly to make room for the legally required information and barcode.

Pooh and Piglet wondering about the mysteries of life... and hunny

I decided to make each set of cards have it's own Pooh theme from the books. From left to right the 9 of Puddles, the 9 of Bees, the 9 of Footprints and the 9 of Bugs.

The 7 of Bees, the 7 of Bugs, the 7 of Footprints and the 7 of Puddles.
The 5 of Bees, the 5 of Puddles, 5 of Footprints and the 5 of Bugs.
The 4 of Footprints, the 4 of Bees, the 4 of Puddles and the 4 of Bugs.


Meet the Hundred Acre Plush Friends!

Originally this campaign was only going to have cards. Then one of my Instagram followers reached out to ask if we were going to be doing Plushies for the Winnie the Pooh campaign... LIGHTBULB!  'why didn't I think of that!' 

A quick email survey later and a resounding 94% of were interested in Plushies! Only 4 people said no thank you. After a result like that, how could I not design some Hundred Acre Squishy Friends! 

I was able to get four samples finished, but I have ideas for Roo & Kanga, Rabbit, the Honey, Heffalumps and Owl if we manage to reach all of the stretch goals.

Piglet unlock with the funding goal.
                                                     🍯 🐻 🌳 🎈 🌼 🍯 🐝 🍯 🐝 🍯 🌟 🌿 

                                                     🍯 🐻 🌳 🎈 🌼 🍯 🐝 🍯 🐝 🍯 🌟 🌿

* Piglet and friends will be 18 inches from foot to head. All of the Hundred Acre Plushies will be shaped and perfected through your voice! Help create your perfect Plush by getting involved!


The Story of Winnie the Pooh Playing Cards


Stretch Goals!

Here is where I let my mind run wild and hope this campaign will be successful enough to make the full collection a reality for you! Once we fund, Piglet and the cards will be available. I hope we can unlock some friends together!

Pooh will be the centre of my version of Hundred Acre Woods. I want him to have a clean, simple feel and capture the true essence of Winnie the Pooh from A.A. Milne. But I also want him to be a little unique and different! I plan on improving the blue vest with real pockets, adding a quote and embroidery to the back and tweaking the colors!

Ever wanted to send a Pooh Themed sticker or emoji to your friends and family on Whatsap, Discord, Line etc? I will make them if we get here!

Eeyore comes with 3 changeable tails to help show the world how you are feeling, without using those tricky long words. The tails are a Reb Balloon tail, the bow tail and finally the Anchor tail... for those days you just can't.


Social Stretch Goals!

If we hit 500 followers on IG, one plush will be given away to a backer! The same thing happens for 500 followers on Facebook! 100 shares on either platform will result in another giveaway for a backer! Just think what I will do if we get to 1000!

Add-Ons and Collectibles


Money Back Guarantee

  • If you aren't happy with the cards or the plushies (or any of the add-ons) once you get them, all you have to do is ask for your money back and I will refund you.

  • This will be valid for 30 days after your pledge arrives. No questions asked, no fuss just your money back once you ship the pledge back to us. This is because if you don't love what you have pledged for, I don't want you to have to pay for it.  


About Backerkit

New to Backerkit? Not a problem! In a few simple steps you'll be ready to get your Hundred Acre Goodies!

1) Create an account
Join the community, say hello, stay up to date on all the campaign updates. There's lots of perks to creating an account on Backerkit and these are just a few of them.

2) Select a pledge level
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3) Include add-ons
Need another deck of cards or another plush? Not a problem! After you select your pledge level you'll be able to add even more items onto your pledge in the form of add-ons.

4) Check out
That's it! You're done until the campaign ends and surveys go out.

5) Manage your pledge
After the campaign you'll receive an email with your survey. This is where the fun happens and you get to pick your deck of cards, plush, pins, and so on, as well as manage your add-ons before finalizing your order. Once finalized you can continue to edit your order via Backerkit until orders are locked.

Remember! You won't be charged until the campaign ends.  

If you need to lower or cancel your pledge later, you can do so any time before pledges are processed at the end of the campaign.



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The primary risk is a delay in the manufacturing process and the shipping process. 

To manage this I will proactively communicate between myself, the manufacturing teams and backers. If things are getting complicated and delayed, I will let you know as soon as I have a solution to the problem. Updates will be no more than once a week and only when there is something you should know! None of this would be possible without you, so I want to make sure I am always being clear, honest and open with you about the projects timelines, goals and any complication that comes up throughout the manufacturing and fulfillment process. 


More Pictures More Fun!

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