Umbreon Notebooks and Journals

Umbreon Notebooks and Journals

Umbreon Stars and Moon A5 Notebooks and A6 Journals! More Eeveelutions available for unlock! Inspired by Pokemon
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🌙 Umbreon-Inspired Notebooks 🌙

I am thrilled to introduce my latest notebook designs – the Umbreon A5 Notebook and A6 Journal. Join us on our journey towards making these Umbreon notebooks come to life! Curious about the other Eeveelutions? Check out the stretch goals!

📔 Umbreon A5 Notebook Features:

- A5 size for the perfect for school or office use with ample writing space.
- Protective front and back covers to help reduce wear and tear on the design.
- Elegant cover design featuring Umbreon.
- Available in lined, blank, dotted, or reusable sticker paper.

📓 Umbreon A6 Journal Features:

- A6 size, compact enough to carry everywhere yet spacious for your thoughts.
- Durable cover featuring the Umbreon artwork.
- Lined pages for organized note-taking or creative journaling.
- Ribbon bookmark for all you writers out there who want to jump in and out of their writing.

⭐️ Back for the stretch goals you want!

You will not be charged until the end of the campaign! You can always come back and change your tier later.

🌕 Exclusive Rewards for Backers:

- Early bird specials: Matching mirror stickers
- Add on rewards: Matching mirror keychains and pins, additional notebooks, and lanyards.

🌙 Let's make the night come alive and get this project funded! 🌙

Prototype Photos

These are the first round of prototypes. Second round also just arrived!
Protective Cover
Back of the notebook
Two color variants
A6 Leatherette

Second Round Prototypes:

Stretch Goals

$600 Espeon Design Unlocked (Pastel Purple and White)

$1000 Sylveon Design Unlocked (Pink and White)

$1300 Vaporeon Design Unlocked (Light Blue and White)

$1600 Flareon Design Unlocked (Orange and White)

$1900 Jolteon Design Unlocked (Yellow and White)

$2200 Glaceon Design Unlocked (Light Blue and White)

$2500 Leafeon Design Unlocked (Green and Blue)

$3000 Eevee Design Unlocked (will feature aspects from all the Eeveelutions)

About Me

I’m Winterra, a full-time ecologist and part-time artist! My main passion is working to improve human/environmental/wildlife relations and finding solutions that benefit the environment and humans! (Like precision farming equipment). However, you aren’t here for all that technical stuff! Instead, I’m excited to be announcing the Umbreon notebooks! I’ve already made two sample notebooks, the first sold out and the second is currently still in production (the Umbreon design is better centered). However I don’t have the money to keep up with the initial demand for these notebooks! As such, I’ve turned to backerkit to ensure everyone gets one of these notebooks who wants one!

If you want to see more of my work, please follow me over at Winterra_art on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram! (^_−)−☆

I have also already successfully funded 2 Kickstarter campaigns and I currently have another one for eeveelution enamel pins live on Kickstarter! (Which includes a free Umbreon pin based on this design)


January 22 - February 14th: Project Campaign Period

February 15th - February 29th: Reward Surveys

March 1st - March 29th: Production period

April 1st - April 30th: Sorting and delivery of notebooks


Shipping is charged at the end through the backerkit survey based on the real weight. 

Packages will be mailed out the USA from either 68510 or 75043 depending on how fast they arrive (as I’ll be moving in March)

Approximate weights when packaged individually (this includes the estimated weight of the packaging):

A5 Notebook: 9oz
A6 Journal: 9oz
Mirror Keychain: 1oz
Mirror Pin: 1oz
Lanyard: 1oz
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