Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

The Alleyman Cometh | Add-Ons Explained | The Etched in Stone Tier
3 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

The Alleyman Cometh

It's no secret that the Alleyman's Tarot was the biggest tarot crowdfunding project of all time, and that it's been a long time coming. We have now locked in July 15th as the date when the site will open for sales. But because we have time before then, and because the pricing on the Alleyman's Tarot is going up quite a bit for the late sales, I wanted to offer sets here and now.
So you can now add-on $100 for a full set of the Alleyman's Tarot, including the deck, the guidebook, and Booster Packs 1-4, or you can add-on $120 to your order for a full set plus the sweet mahogany wooden cigar box that fits the deck in its original deckbox.

Pledge now to get access to the Alleyman's Tarot add-on.

This is a $28 savings from the pricing we'll offer on the shop when it opens in July, so it's a good time to get it while you can. This will only be available for people who back this campaign, it will not be an available add-on for people who place pre-orders after this campaign ends. So you can increase your pledge by $100 or $120 now to set that money aside early, or you will be able to add it to your pledge in the pledge manager after the campaign, alongside your pledge tier.

A reminder that every backer on this project will get to use the pledge manager-- it's an innate part of making a pledge. You don't have to pick any specific tier to get access to it after the campaign to add items! :)

Add-Ons Explained

I've seen a bit of confusion about add-ons and pledge tiers. Pledge Tiers are the thing you select to make a pledge, and they include only what is listed at that tier. Add-Ons are extra items you can add to your pledge after you've picked a Pledge Tier.
On this campaign, to claim an add-on, that will actually come after the project, when we go to the pledge manager (and anyone who pledged on this campaign will get into the pledge manager, regardless of pledge tier). This happens about a week or so after the campaign ends, and you'll all be able to go into your pledge and pick individual items to add to your cart from the Add-Ons list. Because it doesn't happen until the campaign is done, you are not required to do anything right now to claim add-ons. However, if you adjust your pledge and add the amount of $$ that the add-ons you want will cost now before the campaign ends, that will do two things:

1) You'll help increase the funds earned on the campaign right now, while we're still trying to hit stretch goals.
2) You'll pre-emptively set aside the funds you want to spend on add-ons, which when we get to the Pledge Manager, becomes account credit you can then assign to the add-ons you want! This will be very helpful if you want to make sure you keep an eye on how much you spend on this project, as it makes sure everything but shipping is coming out with your pledge.

I heard people wanting just the plastic set of dice or just the book or just the cloth for various reasons, so I'm also including the components of a basic pledge as add-ons starting today.

Etched in Stone Choices

And so many of you have waited patiently for this, so I'm happy to announce the stone choices for the Stone Dice Set! I am working with a stone dice manufacturer to make this happen, and worked within their catalogue of available stones. Here were my choices.

Actions Die (Pink w black) Natural light amethyst with black ink
Obstacle Die (Red with black) Natural Red Stone with black ink
Element Die (Beige with black) Natural Flower Green with black ink
Relations (White with black) Natural White Jade with black ink
Suits (Gray with black) Natural Cardinals with gray ink
Majors (Black with red) Natural Obsidian with red ink
Winter (blue with white) Natural Snow Stone with light blue ink
Spring (green with yellow) Natural Indian Agate with Yellow ink
Summer (yellow with red) Natural Yellow Jade with Red ink
Autumn (Orange with black) Natural Tiger Eye Color with grey ink
Metamorphosis (Purple with orange) Synthetic Wood Grain Stone with Purple ink
Alchemist (dark blue with white/green) Natural Amethyst with very light green ink
Mariner's (Teal with white) Natural Lazurite with teal ink
Fate (Bone with Purple) Natural Wood Grain Stone with metallic purple or red ink

Wounds Natural Colored Fluorite with red ink
Kindness Natural Opal with gold ink
Attention Natural Flash light stone with silver ink
Longings Aventurine Jade with purple ink
Goblin Natural Hematite with dark green ink
Alleyman Natural Picture Jasper with bronze metallic ink
Influences Finch Stone with off-white ink

Here I have each die listed, with their original color combination in parentheses, then the stone and ink combinations I'm choosing for each. I stayed with natural stones in most every case, but exhausted their catalogue in a couple spots, such as with the Metamorphosis die where I liked the synthetic wood grain for that die. I left the Rainbow Stone aside to use on the 22nd die I think, but we'll see how that comes to pass. At this time the guidebook will be intended to include a picture of the stone die in their dice sections, but there will be nothing in the book that talks much about the stone collection, nor will it go into detail about the stone's properties. All tiers that get a book will get the same book. (Someone asked so I wanted to be clear!)

We are nearing completion of the updates to the original dice set's symbols, and when that happens, I will be sending those in to have a set made ahead of time and will of course share as soon as I have pictures to! And of course-- I will do an update just about the updated symbols of the original dice!

Thank you,

your Pub Gob
user avatar image for Anonymous Macaw #1071143
3 months ago

I'm still fascinated by the dice, but, watching you look through the cards and the Lords decks on Instagram live, I decided to step down from the full dice and box (which is still lovely) to the two decks level. I'm more comfortable with cards--while I do use other forms of divination, they're usually tied up around runes, glyph stones, bones. I think you are more than covered for this campaign to succeed!

user avatar image for Christina Wynne
3 months ago

I have a quick question! If I want to keep my pledge at the $35 oracle dice level and update it with additional funds (specifically for add-ons) after the deadline of July 14, will I be able to go in and add more funds via Pledge Manager? I've seen a lot of similar questions but I wanted to make sure I have it right! Thanks so much!

Yep, you can leave everything as it is right now and just go to add items directly after the campaign ends! : )

user avatar image for AEtherGhost
3 months ago

May there please be a retailer level for more of the tarot sets

Unfortunately that's unlikely now that we have a finite supply left. I set retailers up during the Alleymans campaign, and they helped determine how many decks were being produced. Now that they're made, I'm unlikely to offer more at a cheaper rate.

user avatar image for Elizabeth
3 months ago

How long will we have after the campaign to get add ons?

user avatar image for Anonymous Bluejay #1264472
3 months ago

Yes, I am wondering if we are assured a deck if we have pledged for it or if there is a scramble for them.

I'll probably set it to a tight 5-8 weeks to get things turned around faster. There will be no issue getting the decks, there aren't enough people on this project to claim all of them.

user avatar image for Anonymous Bluejay #1264472
3 months ago

Sorry, I should have made myself clearer - I mean for the Alleyman Tarot, if we have pledged the extra money.

user avatar image for Elizabeth
3 months ago

Good deal because I can't pledge more until a week after the end of the campaign

user avatar image for Anonymous Cardinal #1922457
3 months ago

Is there any chance in a future update we might be able to see pictures of the stones/ catalog you've picked from?

For sure!

Please forgive me I am new to crowdfunding, pledging, and add-one. I received a reading with the Alleyman Tarot and am obsessed. She contacted me today and sent me this link. I am excited about the dice set now as well. I pledged $70 for the dice, bag and mat. When do I add the $120 for the Alleyman Tatot and wooded box?

user avatar image for Kalira
3 months ago

Just another backer here (and I have the Alleyman's deck and I love it, though in fact I'm buying another one as an add-on here - one for a friend, for whom I did a reading with it and also fell in love with it) but you can manually add $120 to your pledge (by making it $190 total) for the Alleyman's Tarot w/wooden box add-on right away - Seven has said that you can assign those extra funds to whatever specific add-ons you like in the pledge manager after the campaign!

user avatar image for Anonymous Bluejay #1264472
3 months ago

Hi, can I just make sure I have this right? If I just need booster packs (I already have the deck) will I be able to add them from this campaign at the end or do I need to get them from the main site on th 15th?

You'll want to get it from the alleyman site on the 15th. The alleyman decks being offered on this campaign are only bundles, we aren't offering individual packs on here. : )

user avatar image for Anonymous Bluejay #1264472
3 months ago

Thank you for the quick reply and explanation, much appreciated :)

user avatar image for Anonymous Macaw #1071143
3 months ago

Good idea--since I was already on the dice+box level, I just went in and tossed an additional ten onto the pledge for the set of Lords cards, which somehow I missed. Yay!

user avatar image for Celticswan
3 months ago

I somehow missed the Alleyman's tarot before. Is this the 137-card deck? Thank you.

Yes, it's the original 137 card set plus the 4 booster packs, increasing it by 59 cards!

user avatar image for Celticswan
3 months ago

I am very excited about the details on the stone dice and that most are natural stones. I'm looking forward to receiving this set and using it.