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4 months ago

Project Update: 🍎🫐Update #11- Media Expansion Pack Reveal!🍄🌱

Look at this amazing lineup!

Dear Backers, 

Today we have a very small update for you. We know that everyone has been excited to see which content creators would be featured in the Media Expansion Pack and it's time to show them off! Without further ado here are the personalities you'll see out and about in the world of Wild Gardens.

  • Mandi Hutchinson is here from Salt & Sass, and because her mom is such an amazing cook she's stopping by too!

  • Jenna from the Board Game Garden has arrived, and she brought her two favorite fluffballs with her! 

  • Wait until you run into The Brother's Murph on your hike! Then things are going to get really interesting. 

  • Tim Chuon is here and ready to snap a picture of whatever amazing meal you're cooking up! 

  • Amy and Maggie from ThinkerThemer have come all the way from Australia and are ready to have some serious fun! 

  • A wild Rodney from Watch it Played has appeared and is looking for some berries! 

  • Monique and Naveen from Before You Play HAVE A DOG WITH ADORABLE STUMPERS!!! I didn't even know that until now!!!

Let us know if your favorite board game personality made the list. And don't forget to make sure the Media Expansion is part of your order so you can add these cards and the exclusive solo campaign featuring all these crazy characters to your game! 

The Wild Gardens Team






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