Soda Pop Collection

Soda Pop Collection

A series of abstract games for two inside collectible soda cans, with minimalist strategy and short but exciting gameplay.

of €30,000 (EUR) goal
This is a Tabletop Games project.

A group of mischievous cats is trying to play tricks on each other. These sneaky cats will either group together into troublesome crews or assert ownership over every surface of the place. Add cats or move a stack of cats in this game of mancala madness.

After the rigorous and sweltering work of hammering and polishing is completed, you breathe life into the figurines and use them in a game of wits to determine who is the most capable forger of all! Summon, move, and use the unique abilities of your creatures as you attempt to reach your opponent's corner.

A curse has cast a shadow over the valley, causing the inhabitants to run from the villages and the animals to flee their nests. A mysterious creature named Buh will use its magic to seek out and restore the light. You must slide or tilt cubes to increase the light in the valley as you try to accumulate 7 or more connected points of light.

 As freezing winter winds blow outside, you relax in a cozy chair at your favorite local pub along with your friends. A game idea has come to you where the goal is simple, the player who moves their cap onto their opponent’s bottle will win. However, getting there can be tricky because each cap affects how the other caps move. The path to victory is an elusive puzzle, can you out-wit your opponent and become the Top Cap?