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Games! Books! Gaming supplies! We want to bring cool, different, fun stuff to everyone. We want families and friends gathered around tables playing our games. We want people howling (either belly laughs or rage, doesn't matter) at our terrible jokes! 

We are two guys who love games, with great support from our families and some incredibly talented partners. We're light, agile, and looking to bring you a balance of the familiar, but unique in our offerings. We operate transparently, respond to our customers (as fast as we can...we're two guys with day jobs), and we love to create. We are members of the Philadelphia Game Makers Guild, and look to share our success in a way that makes people thrilled to work with us. We started with a crowd-funded cookbook called The Necronomnomnom, and that project showcases who we are in business. We shoot straight and do what we say we will do. You can check the project out on Kickstarter, and read what our backers said about us in the testimonials here. Our goal is your delight with our products, from the humble and basic to the super-premium.


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