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Sloane Leong

Sloane Leong is a self-taught cartoonist, illustrator, and writer of Hawaiian, Chinese, Mexican, Native American and European ancestries. Through prose, illustration, and comics, she engages with visceral futurities and fantasies through a radical, kaleidoscopic lens, the extrapolation and hybridization of ecologies within speculative frames, and the violent cultural structures of our world and others, both micro and macro.

She is the creator of several graphic novels: From Under Mountains, Prism Stalker, A Map to the Sun, and Graveneye. She has been self-publishing her own comics since she was a teen and has done various work for companies like Pixar, Viz Media, New Republic, Image Comics, Cartoon Network, DC, Dark Horse, Namco, and more. Her fiction has appeared in many publications including Dark Matter Magazine, Apex Magazine, Fireside Magazine, Analog, Realm Media and many more. In 2022, she attended Clarion West's six week summer workshop.

As an editor, she has Kickstarted and overseen editing the illustrated horror anthology, Death In the Mouth: Original Horror by People of Color. She has also worked privately with clients as a fiction and comics editor and coach, providing career guidance and creative mentorship. When she's not drawing or writing, Sloane co-hosts a show about storytelling with a focus on comics and film.

As an organizer, she runs The Minicomic Awards, an annual virtual showcase that spotlights the unique, challenging, yet under-recognized work in short form comics with Leslie Hung. She is also the co-founder of the Cartoonist Cooperative, an organization dedicated to helping cartoonists develop a generative and sustainable creative practice.

Sloane is currently living on Chinook land near what is known as Portland, Oregon with her family and three dogs.


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