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T. Ashley Jenkins

It's me, Ashley!

I'm the game designer, fairy, and sprite artist behind Friend & Fairy, creator of Grapple Force Rena and Petal Crash!

Grapple Force Rena is an action platformer centered around a grappling hook - to heck with grapple points, what if you could grapple anywhere? With unique movement and grab n' throw battle gameplay, it's been described as "endlessly inventive"! You can check it out on Steam here!

Petal Crash is a brand new arcade puzzle game, in the style of the action puzzlers of the late 90's. Its throwback aesthetic is contrasted by its wholly original gameplay - it was described by Tycho of Penny Arcade as having "primal yet rich mechanics" and "a true artifact of the era it's meant to invoke", and has been featured as a speedrun on RTA in Japan. You can get it for Steam, PS4, or Nintendo Switch!

I've been at this for a decade or so now, chasing my whims and doing my best to make fun and unique games for everyone to play! And I don't plan on stopping now - with your help, I hope I can do even more!


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