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Even Mehl Amundsen's TEGN - REDUX coming soon!

After 20 successful campaigns on Kickstarter, I joined Crowdfunding by BackerKit, with the goal to build a strong community of like-minded book-loving collectors who love to nerd out about art and books as much as I do. I am a full-time graphic designer and publisher since 2006. I published with Even Mehl Amundsen, Andrew Mar, Abigail Larson, and more. For my partners in crime Éditions Caurette I designed books by Jesper Ejsing, Katsuya Terada, Kim Jung Gi, and there are some very exciting announcements about future projects coming soon. In the past years, I have also published compilations like #hardcover and Codex Obscurus.

You can find out more about my projects here.


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