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Here on planet Earth, we live in an age when "creativity" is sold over the counter. The creative process can be reduced to automatized prompts, the imagination put away like pool toys in winter. With a few clicks, people claim to be artists - and yet, the "art" hoisted by unblemished hands looks vaguely familiar. It's nothing new. Even the "artist" is the same as before...

At Unfound Adventures, we believe that imagination & creativity are two of life's treasures. They are acts to be engaged in, much like dancing, swimming, flying, healing, or...levitation. They are playful, yes, but they are also testing. They teach you about yourself, about your values, about your mettle, and you come away as a deeper version of yourself. Art, therefore, is not the purpose of creative engagement but a colorful bi-product. The real gift of imagination & creativity is the knowledge of one's self, a chance to look squarely at the shape of one's vibrant spirit. 

What began as a comic book project for ourselves has grown into a mission for the next generation. In everything we do, we intend to involve kids. We wish to stoke their imaginations, nurture their creativity, and provide them with tools & frameworks to go deep in their exploration of self. 


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