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Tabletop Mirror: Premier TTRPG Homebrew Platform, Coming Soon!

by Tabletop Mirror

Help us bring Tabletop Mirror out of Beta!

Join 377 other people!
Tabletop Mirror is your one-stop shop for TTRPG Homebrewing. Design and play entirely new TTRPGs, build intricate worlds for your table, and connect with your community – sharing your lore, worldbuilding, homebrew, and other creations. 

Why Crowdfunding?

Tabletop Mirror started as the passion of one Game Master who just liked tinkering with systems in worlds so big that it made most programs crash. Now, it’s that Game Master’s passion, combined with the efforts of half a dozen people working together, a couple of hundred folks stumbling into bugs, and now, you.

This campaign will help implement large-scale improvements to Tabletop Mirror.

Our funding goal is intended to support system integrations — bringing the games you already love and homebrew content onto TTM — and funding development and server costs for future growth and development. Currently, TTM is entirely funded out-of-pocket, and in order to ensure continued growth and success, we need to mitigate costs (and risks) for everyone.

This funding will also ensure we hit the key milestones on our roadmap — releasing at least one community-driven feature every week as we accomplish the goals above, then doubling that number over and over. We started with the needs of one GM, and now we’re looking to answer the needs of every GM.

Help us bring Tabletop Mirror out of Beta!

Join 377 other people!

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