Build your Prestige!

by Jack Dunbar

Will you join the other great tribes?

Join 71 other people!
This is the first game by Kingdoms of the Earth designed by Joseph “Fritz” Paull II and Illustrated by Terri Ogwulumba. At the dawn of civilization, great tribes that once rivaled each other decided to abandon their conflicts, and form an alliance. At the heart of this alliance stood the foundations of what can be a great city; the fate of which is now in your hands. 

Prestige is a semi-cooperative, asymmetrical, city-building card game. In this game, players embody a tribe. Each tribe has their own strengths and values. Each player gets a deck of city cards associated with their tribe, which represents the people of those tribes. These cards are mixed into a communal deck. Players then build up the city by taking turns playing cards. Each player must choose to look out for the good of the city as a whole, or promote their own people's influence at the potential cost of the city's survival.

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