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The Slow System

by Manual

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🐌 Introducing the Slow System Pitcher

The Slow System is a flexible collection of tools that aims to elevate your daily beverages.

With one system you can make pour-over coffee or press coffee in the morning, brew loose leaf tea or ice-brew coffee in the afternoon, and mix a cocktail at the end of the day.

The newest member of the system is a two-tone pitcher that can brew and hold larger batches of your favorite drinks—from the kitchen counter to the dining table.

🖐️ With the Slow System Pitcher you can: 

  • Make a large batch of pour-over coffee for brunch that will stay hot for almost an hour
  • Brew loose leaf tea in batches large enough for you and your friends
  • Stir up a batch of cold brew in the evening and pour yourself a glass in the morning
  • Mix up a pitcher of iced margaritas without worrying about the ice melt watering them down before you have the first sip.  

📐 Here are the specifications: 

  • The pitcher holds up to 32 oz (~1 L)
  • Double-walled construction means hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold—and the pitcher won't sweat
  • The opening accepts our steel pour-over dripper and our steel strainer
  • The pitcher comes with a cork lid for a tight seal for temperature control and maintaining freshness

🕰️ Manual creates home goods for slow living.

We think slowness is important. We think everyday tasks should be celebrated. We think there’s joy in repetitive rituals. We think there’s pride to be found in doing something difficult. We think friction and imperfection keep life interesting. We think taking your time is worth it.

Manual is a project in creating products that encourage you to slow down and appreciate the moment. 

🐢 What does Manual make?

We tend to focus on durable no-tech home goods that celebrate daily rituals. Food and beverage are a reoccurring theme of our work for almost a decade. And crowdfunding is in our DNA—we have launched almost all of our products this way!

Manual was founded by Craighton Berman—a designer who has work in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago and was the first designer to use Kickstarter to launch a product over 13 years ago. Based on his background of design mixed with DIY, Manual was founded to produce products in the spirit of slow food.

Learn more about Manual here or follow us on Instagram. ✌️

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