Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set

Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set

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12 months ago

Project Update: New design reveal: Locket! Next goal?? You vote!

She's finally here, the new pin design!

The Locket pin design, a six pointed star with floral elements and a crescent moon with a dark pin gem at the center

For this design Amunet and I combined shapes from the original star locket pocket watch with central design elements of the 90s anime locket to create a beautiful fusion. We also decided this lovely design needed to have a larger gem so we've increased the gem size to 7mm. The pin itself will be ~2.75"/7cm tall. 😲✨



When you pledge for a single pin you can choose from any of the unlocked designs, including Locket. You will select which pin you want during the survey process after the campaign ends.
When you pledge for a set or multiple sets, you will need to add on the cost of one pin ($28) if you would like to include Locket in your rewards as it is not part of either set. You can then select the additional pin during the rewards survey when the campaign ends.

Tommodify your current pledge just change your pledge amount to $28 more than what's currently there and you'll be able to select the additional pin in the survey process!
editing pledge amount image guide showing where to change the total pledge amount

Here's a look at all the designs we have unlocked so far including Set 1, Set 2, and Locket:
All of the 13 unlocked pins

At the top of this post is a link to the next poll. We have three options this time:
  • Disguise Pen Pin which would unlock at $16k
  • Twinkly Bell Pin which would unlock at $16k
  • Go for broke and try to hit $20k which would unlock a trio of pins: Three Talismans! 🗡️🔮🪞

Please note that if the Three Talismans win (ngl, I'm rooting for them!) then they would EACH be individual pins priced at a $28 add on. (but we might make a special card for people who get all three hehehehe)

Vote now! The poll ends Saturday October 22 at 9PM Eastern. ✅
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