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Project Update: 50% done shipping!

Great news! I've been making packages all day every day since Saturday and today I reached halfway!! 🥳
83 packages are out or on their way including everyone with 4 sets, 2 sets, or a single set.

I'm now working on pledges for a single pin (with and without add ons). I should be able to move through these smaller packages a lot faster so I'm hoping to increase my speed from my ~20 packages per day to 30-40/day. Ideally I would like to finish shipping by Friday.

You should get an email when your package is on the way! I will make another update when I am totally done shipping and if you don't have an email by that update, please reach out to me so I can check on your status.

A lot of these orders are being shipped in reused packaging!! I use tons and tons of reused bubble mailers and boxes. My friends even save them for me for big projects like this so please don't be surprised when you see a tapped up Amazon bubbler arrive. I like to do my part to reuse as much packaging as possible rather than adding more to the stream. 🥰

Some people have already started getting their orders!! SO FAST! 😱✨ Please post pics of your pin haul and tag me and AmunetGFX on socials!!
If there is ANYTHING wrong with your package (damaged in transit, missing pins, wrong stickers, etc) please contact me via email (SarahRuthForde at or via social media ASAP so I can help. I feel it's very likely I'll have made a mistake or two or six in the 165 packages but I am confident I can fix it as soon as it's brought to my attention!! 🌟

If you or anyone you know missed this project and still wants these pins, I plan to have the extras with me at Anime Boston in April. I am in the Artist Alley, Table 182. I should also have the extra pins available through my FB Group after AB. ♥






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