9 months ago

Project Update: Shipping updates

Hey all! I'm aggressively putting pins on cards! I've been at it for hours. I have help! 

There's a slight misalignment with the cards for Set 1. The sample was correct but the full run printed cards has our names slightly too high making it so the Moon Wand pin doesn't quite fit over the branding as it should. 

The card on the left is the sample, and the card on the right shows the full print run.

Our solution for this is a slight change in the display with the Moon Wand angled. We considered having the cards remade but the delay in shipment would be too significant as our manufacturer is in Ukraine and shipping is incredibly delayed due to the ongoing conflict there.

New Set 1 Card

In addition, for some unknown reason, the boxes for Set 1 open from the top while the boxes for Set 2 slide out the bottom. 🤷‍♀️ Honestly at this point we're just going to roll with it for reasons formerly mentioned.

Boxes showing the openings on opposite sides

We hope you'll adore the pins! Stay tuned for more updates about shipping soon! 😍 ✨ 




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