Purrtagonists: Fabled Felines

Purrtagonists: Fabled Felines

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11 months ago

Project Update: Chapter 3 || Onto Hississippi

Soot comically gestures. “Well, they’re probably the most sane guildmates I have. The rest can be… a lot sometimes. I’m sure you’ll meet Simon – just beware of his knife.”

Fluff winces and steps again behind both of her guildmates. Gray leans in slightly and whispers, “What are the chances that the mouse is the strongest one of their guild?”

Tuff elbows him but eyes the mouse as it scampers past. It’s holding a lump of cheese at least three times its size. “It’s nice to meet you,” he offers.

If Soot hears the commentary about his pet he doesn’t show it, welcoming his mouse friend back onto his shoulders. He instead smiles, and lets out an “Aha!” of recognition as he hears the loud padding that comes from ahead of them. Soon, a lumbering dog-mount and two riders appear, one who instantly dismounts when reaching them.

Soot waves to them both in turn. “This is Spud and Abitail.”

Abitail grins as she pats Spud’s dog mount. “I’m glad we caught up with you. Hississippi is just a little ways up and a few of your guildmates are there waiting.”

Tuff sighs and inspects some of the loot on the ground. Unfortunately, it’s all junk. No luck in this batch. The best, it seems, is the cheese. He finally looks back at the other guild and their group. “And they couldn’t come greet us?”

Spud steers his dog-mount onto the path that’s opened. “Ah, well, you see… there’s a small festival going on, and some pretty great ale down at Catatonic.”

Tuff’s eyes brighten with his interest, but Gray’s ears flatten. “Anything else of note?”

Abitail grins as the whole party starts to set off. “A great catnip lounge named Urban Tails! There was this one time that the whole guild got stuck there for an entire day because –”

Soot pats her head as he passes. “Maybe don’t give them the worst impression.” He glances back at the three DERP members, who look spectacularly puzzled. “Where would you like to head first: Catatonic or Urban Tails?”

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Honestly, I'd probably be equally afraid and interested into walking into a bar called Catatonic. Probably more afraid, but who knows. Maybe I'd be slightly more brave at some point.

Abitail is one of our favorite new additions - gotta love the pearl effect in her magic! :D -- As we've talked about a tiny bit, each of our three groups are split into three guilds. Venetia's are a mix of just about everything on the chaotic/neutral/lawful scale, which makes it fun to use. It's honestly a bit of a challenge to try to keep everything integrated (and if you get too tired of the story, just stare at the unlocks and don't tell me).

That all said, yes, I'm giving into the puns that have been pushed upon me. All the pawsibilities, I suppose.

I hope this update reaches everyone well. The next one should be around the 20th! :D

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