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about 1 year ago

Project Update: Update: Production P2 - Many Fillers, Biscuits to the Rescue

Hey friends! Mel here with an update. As scheduled, we didn't have an update last month since I was largely unavailable (didn't have a computer woo), but we're back to monthly updates now; we appreciate all of your patience as we had some huge life items going on (kinda ongoing - me with a move from hell, and Venetia with her newborn). Venetia and I have been handling production and things are moving along!

For clarity (as this was a fair point): Our original ETA was about May with 18-24 designs. We had 55 in the campaign; I’ll shoulder the blame for the experimental crowdfunding design and wanting to go through with its more whimsical nature, and we’ve had slowdowns with our vector help needing to pace themselves as well (and us too, with life). I’ll probably know next month with better reworked timeline estimates, but we’ll always push for the best product first.

Largely right now we're experiencing the waiting game. Our timelines (as previously noted) are going to be extended: having 55 pins in a campaign (oops...?) has been a slug to get through since everything is hand vectored then confirmed, and (despite best efforts) the manufacturers have definitely slowed down with being hit by this many pins at once. We did split them up (largely coupling same makers together, but also with what effects and styles each manuf was known for), but it still has reflected where 1-2 week processes are taking months.

Here are some quick stats for you:
  • 6 pins now remain in the vector queue with our vector assistant - we did have a small error that caused some delays where the source files weren't pulled from the right location (not pulling from provided links and instead pulling from old campaign files on BK's page), so we're having to go back and revise some items. These are largely what remains in the to-do docket.
  • 8 pins have been finished with proofing but are requiring some adjustments between us and the manufacturer - mostly confirming color codes 
  • 15 pins are being waited on for samples and/or adjustments. We're not super pleased with this particular holdup, as most of these were submitted for sampling in February, but sometimes this happens. We're working on it and hope to have these to show in the next update. For the ones that are awaiting adjustments, this is mostly standard process for us - just making sure they're right (there are a notable two that we're starting over from scratch because the manufacturers adjusted the artwork in the sample process for drilling and we didn't like the result)
  • 23 pins are in mass manufacturing! :D
  • 3 pins are fully done

Our goal for the coming update next month is that we have everything fully into production and most of everything either being in adjustments with sampling (not just waiting for samples) or in mass manufacturing. That's the hope, but it'll largely be on the manufacturers to pick up the pace a bit. 

We're definitely a bit behind where we'd hoped we'd be at this point, but with life having been more rollercoaster-y than possibly could have expected between Venetia and myself, we hope you're still excited and looking forward to these! We are still happy with the pins we've seen so far, and would love to know what your favorites are!

We appreciate all of your patience and enthusiasm for the project! <3

- M. 




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