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over 1 year ago

Project Update: Update: Preorder Store; Cards Charged Shortly, Surveys 92% Complete - Thank You!

Hey friends! A very short update for you today!

Good news: 92% of backers have filled out their surveys! In a few hours, if you've completed your survey, we will be billing any cards for add-on items and shipping. If you chose to use the Paypal option, this won't impact you as payment through Paypal was instantaneous. Thank you for being on top of it! :D

For the 8% who haven't filled out your surveys, you have until Feb. 1 to submit these. Reminders have been sent out to you if this is you! If you need help, please reach out to us.

If you weren't part of the original campaign, but wish to grab some pins, you can still get them from the preorder store. These will be fulfilled after the main campaign's rewards are done. Find the preorder store here:

That's basically all I have from our end at this time, as we're working through all the art! The filler pins will probably be the first samples we see of the set, and we'll update when we have final samples of everything to show. From here on out, expect updates about once a month as we work through production.

Minor Manufacturing Update:
  • Quotes and payments have been made for 54/55 pins based off of estimations of counts at the 90% survey completion mark. We actually went a tiny bit over the funds of the campaign (lol), but it was necessary with potential error rates to order as many as we did. 
  • Pins are being placed into production (for art) in waves as we finish up the vectoring work.

Thank you again for being purrfectly awesome!
- Mel, Jess & Venetia




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