Crimson Terrain

Crimson Terrain

Terrain Take Down Round 1! + Crimson Spire adventures & More!
3 months ago
by Anthony Qualkinbush

Thank you all so much for supporting this project. It means so much to me and I am really looking forward to making all of this awesome content and sharing it with you.

The first Terrain Takedown is finally here! Vote for your favorite terrain pack in the Terrain Takedown Round 1 discussion before I select the most popular terrain and declare a winner Monday morning 06/27/22. I have made a few pieces of each set to best illustrate the theme for you. Round 1 features a Modern Terrain Pack and a Sci-Fi Terrain Pack going head to head.
You decide the winner. Vote for your favorite in the Terrain Takedown Round 1 pinned discussion!

I am excited to announce the Crimson Spire adventure book
will be made available in the post-campaign addon shop or you can grab a copy with your Planeshifter Pledge Reward! This book will feature a collection of 4 one-shot adventures using one map from each terrain set as its encounter location. The book will include everything you need to run the adventures including monster entries, new items, and more! I'll be sharing some cover art and possibly some additional details with you in a coming update.

I have made some additions to the rewards at no extra cost to you! Each terrain set now comes with a dungeon draft custom asset pack and Foundry VTT prefabs to help you make your own amazing digital maps! I have made these additions based on feedback I have received from several backers. If you have a suggestion or concern or would just like to let me know what you think please feel free to reach out to me in the comments. I am absolutely listening and taking action on your feedback! I want to make a product that we all love and the best way to make that happen is to talk to me.

I want to thank you all again for backing this campaign your support really does mean the world to me. 
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3 months ago

Sci fi

Thanks for your vote, any particular things you would want to see included? I'm trying to ask everyone who votes for a bit of what they would like in their preferred pack.

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3 months ago

Just received Death in Space so I'm going to have to vote Sci-Fi...some really cool repurposed, refurbished, barely held get the picture terrain!

Awesome thanks for the feedback and your vote. May the best set win!

I'm super excited about the dungeon draft and VTT additions. Thank you very much!

Awesome, you're so welcome and I'm thrilled to hear it!

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3 months ago

I vote sci-fi: strange alien objects (wild live and items) and alien environments can be used in a fantasy setting too. Like giant mushrooms or other weird plants can fit in the Feywild... And some patrons are otherworldly even some creatures (aboleth, beholder, ...) are alien and can 'customise' their lair.

Thank you for your vote and your totally right there are tons of otherworldly creatures and settings that allow many sci-fi elements to fit right in.

I vote sci-fi, I'd love to see starship interiors, and strange alien environments.

Thanks for your vote and suggestions 😊

My vote is modern.

Already have two people including yourself voting for the modern pack. What specifically would you like to see included in a modern terrain pack?

Barrels, crates, fences, barricades, burned out or functioning automobiles, train yard scatter, fountains, manhole covers, lamp posts, fire hydrants, doghouse, and my son is always asking me to build playground terrain so he can have a fight at recess.

I love that playground suggestion I am totally doing this whether the modern set gets made or not. I absolutely would not have thought to include such items and I am so excited to make that happen!

I'll let him know you liked his idea. 🤣🤣

Vote: Modern!

Any thoughts on what modern terrain you'd most like to see included if it wins?

Street/city scapes mainly would be useful for modern skirmish or zombie crawls. Intersections, roads, sidewalks, vehicles (bikes, motorbikes, cars, trucks, construction equipment, etc) and people (small/large crowds, etc). Parks, statues, industrial areas, rivers/bridges, etc. trash cans/dumpsters, construction sites :)

Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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3 months ago

my Terrain Takedown 1 vote: Sci-Fi Anthony, I hope you're feeling recovered after your illness! By the way, your terrain assets are looking somewhat reasonably priced! I was shopping 1985 Games terrain, and their laminated sheets of 1,000 assets in each themed box retail for $39.99. Now since I don't own a printer, whatever terrain I want to print from you will go through FedEx Office Print Online, and I'm unsure how much lamination will cost. I might even pay for them to cut the pieces afterward, but I'm imagining that would probably be too expensive. Anyway, I'll keep you posted when I get around to checking their printing prices and quality when printing your content as compared to the laminated terrain from 1985 Games that I will have to cut myself. (Or actually my roommate since I'm getting them the nautical battlemap, terrain, and adventure for their birthday this week!)

Thank you and yes these sets are 2000+ pieces and bonus content (DD asset pack Foundry Prefabs, encounter maps, & more) for $15 each here and will retail at $25 when the project is finished. I'd say it's a more than reasonable price.😊 I'd love to hear what you find out about that printing option.