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almost 2 years ago

Project Update: First Monthly Update

Hey everyone,

I have arrived with our first Monthly update. I am starting out small with this first reveal but will provide much larger sets for your review in subsequent updates. I have decided to release some amount of terrain pieces and dungeon tiles to you all each month to give you an opportunity to test the pieces out and provide feedback. This will serve two purposes, the first being the most obvious you get to have access to some of the pieces early. The second and most valuable in my opinion is you get to provide some early feedback on the product before we get too far along to be able to make any changes without causing any extreme delays to the final delivery.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, here are some asset previews primarily from the Spooky bonus set. Next week-ish I'm planning to send a link through the pledge manager for you to download one of the maps as a printable pdf with a few format variations for VTT use. Additionally, you will find one printable page of tiles and scatter terrain pieces included. I will hopefully include a few of the VTT-ready images as well as a dungeon draft asset pack with this download and will try to do so in future previews as well.

Spooky Terrain Bonus Set Teaser

Thanks again for your support and please let me know what you think about this little teaser. As you may or may not notice from this image I am using a mix of fully top-down views and some slightly tilted views. I am utilizing one "camera" angle or another based on what I think presents each asset in the most readable way. 




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