Crimson Terrain
almost 2 years ago

Project Update: Campaign is complete! + Terrain Takedown Final Result

We did it! Thank you so much for supporting this project! 

So, what happens now?

Please read through this update and check the campaign page if you have any questions!
Charging Cards
BackerKit will soon begin charging your cards and processing your pledges. If your card is declined, you will have a window in which to fix the payment method before they make a second attempt.

Pledge Manager
In about 2 weeks
, you will receive the BackerKit Survey where you choose your pledge rewards, pick up any add-ons you want to add from the post campaign add-on shop, and make any changes to your pledge you might want.

So we have a bit of an unprecedented result. Unless I am mistaken prehistoric and modern have tied. However, as the highlander would say, "there can be only one." So I have decided to take this last round to the survey. I'm going to include the vote in the survey when they go out and whichever pack wins will not only be the one added but since they were so popular the runner up will be one of the first new sets I work on once this project is completed and delivered. 

That's right, of course this isn't the end. I'll be making even more terrain sets in the future. Starting with all the sets we didn't quite get to make part of this project. Keep your eyes on your inboxes as I'll be posting frequent status updates and peeks into the terrain I'm working on throughout the post campaign process as I bring this project to life.

I really couldn't do this without you all. Thank you again for all of your support!




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