Crua Sleep System - The best night's sleep you'll have in the wild!

Crua Sleep System - The best night's sleep you'll have in the wild!

Get unprecedented comfort with the highest quality self-inflating mattress coupled with a lightweight & warm zip-on quilt.

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Meet the Crua Sleep System

At Crua, we believe that the best start to every day begins with the night before.  We know you can't really enjoy any adventure if you're not well-rested and ready to take on the day.  Who wants to hike if their back is aching?  Or kayak if you’re constantly yawning?  Do you really want to be climbing or abseiling when you’re not at the top of your game?  A good night’s sleep is essential for tackling all your outdoor adventures. So we would like to introduce you to the Crua Sleep system.  It integrates a self-inflating air mattress with a rugged waterproof bottom, as well as a zip-on quilt. 

So why the Crua Sleep?

WARMTH: The Crua Sleep features a thick self-insulating mattress for maximum comfort and insulation.  This plus the zip-on quilt utilises the tech with its graphene-infused fibers to give you the perfect mix for the best insolated sleep system ever!  When you sleep on a traditional sleeping bag, you are crushing the very fibers that are supposed to be insulating you, making them useless.  The foam and air inside the air mattress are giving you more insulation than you would ever get from the bottom of your sleeping bag, so why have it?  And this is not your grandma's quilt, this quilt is made from premium materials.  The outer is a water-resistant rip-stop polyester and the inside is soft and plush.  It has high-quality zips and adjustments so that you can make this fit just for you.

COMFORT:  At Crua, we take comfort on the go very seriously. There are many camping mattresses available on the market, but none of them come into comparison with the comfort and thickness of Crua. We re-engineered the Crua Sleep mattress so that with the standard, you maximize space and weight while still getting a great, comfy mattress.  But, when space and weight are not a concern, then you can go for the gold standard in the insanely comfy (deluxe) mattress. Like your mattress more firm, add more air, like it soft, let out some air. And both mattresses have a rugged, waterproof bottom so they can go anywhere!

PORTABILITY: Not only are you saving weight and space by not having the back-side of the sleeping bag, but with graphene-infused insulation, you are making it even lighter and it packs down much easier than standard fillings.  The standard mattress and quilt pack down to the size of 1 large sleeping bag.

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With our production plan in place, we should be able to start shipping out later this year in December.

While the actual shipping amounts will be charged later, please see this table for our current estimates.

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The Nature of crowdfunding: While there are always risks & challenges with creating and delivering a new product, we've minimized both by having the entire process, from production to delivery, already set and arranged.  We've already signed agreements with key suppliers and manufacturers, and our prototype has been finalized. We have the technical expertise when it comes to outdoor gear, and this is our eleventh crowdfunding campaign. We've got quite a bit of experience under our belts at this stage. We also now contract an independent Quality Control manager to check and report on all production activities. This offers an extra layer of certainty.

Designs & colors: The versions we use for filming and photography are often earlier prototypes.  Some design elements and colors may be slightly different on the actual products (but they won't be a million miles away from what you see here).

Refund policy: Once the campaign has ended, refunds cannot be given out. One of the key benefits of crowdfunding is you are funding production.  You pledge your money to fund the production and we promise to deliver you a product.  If an item is damaged or incorrect, please reach out to us directly and we will make it right, ASAP. Please only back this campaign if you are certain you like the product and you are aware of the timeline and potential shipping time to your location.

Delays due to COVID-19: Some areas of the world are still undergoing lockdowns and shipping delays due to the pandemic. This has the potential to affect the final timeline.   We will do everything in our power to keep you updated throughout the production and delivery process.