Sentinels of the Multiverse: Disparation Expansion

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Disparation Expansion

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6 months ago

Project Update: Villain Update — Iron Legacy

Greetings, Sentinels!

Today, we’re going over one of the heaviest of villain stories, but one many of you have guessed is coming.

Iron Legacy

Legacy and Baron Blade have long fought each other, the heroic Paul Parsons constantly thwarting the villainous plans of the dastardly Baron Blade. Legacy's daughter, Pauline Felicia Parsons, grew up knowing that her father was a hero, that he fought crime, and that his life was in constant danger. The weight of the Parsons family line was clear: where evil reared its ugly head, there would always be a Legacy there to stop it.

When she reached 18 years old, Felicia was given a Legacy costume by her parents, and her father began training her in earnest. Her whole life had been dedicated to the pursuit of justice and preparing herself for the inevitable combat against evil, and she took to this new training like a champion. The years of crime-fighting with the Freedom Five were hard work, but some of the best years of her life.

Years later, Felicia Parsons was the best prepared to accept her father's death at the hands of Baron Blade.

The countless heroes who had fought alongside Legacy were stunned. No one could accept that it could happen. But Felicia calmly organized a lovely funeral for her father, and then smoothly stepped into his place in the Freedom Five — she had prepared her whole life for this, and she was ready to wear this mantle. No one saw the few tears she shed in silence for her father.

As awful as the death of Legacy would be, an alternate timeline experienced an even more terrible event.

In that same fateful battle, the mad Baron cornered and murdered the young Felicia Parsons, America's Newest Legacy, which left Paul Parsons America's Final Legacy. Legacy did not handle this well at all. He flew into a blind fury, tearing Baron Blade and the Wagner Mars Base apart.

Enraged and grief-stricken, Legacy disappeared. At Pauline Felicia Parson's funeral, little was said. The collected anguish of the mourners was far too great. Paul Parsons had not been heard from and did not attend the funeral, though some claimed to see a flying figure land in the graveyard later that night.

When Paul Parsons reappeared, it was in a very different form than before. The same strength and power was evident, but the man formerly called America's Finest Legacy was overcome with despair both for his family and for the future of mankind. His choice was clear: after him, there would be no Legacy. The world must be purged of all evil while he could still fight.

Paul Parson patrolled the world, silencing those who stood in his way swiftly and brutally. No longer the confident leader of the Freedom Five, he took to wearing armor and to destroying any suspected evildoers without pause or question. All of the strength and fortitude of the hero Legacy was now channeled into an unbending global dictatorship. Called Iron Legacy by his former allies, he reshaped the world into one which shook beneath his iron fist.

The heroes of the world came together to attempt to talk sense into the man who inspired so many of them, but any who attempted to stop him were dealt with swiftly. The toll was staggering. The world's foremost hero was now the greatest threat to freedom and liberty, all in the name of justice.

Now, with the timelines in disarray and so many worlds and realities intersecting, Iron Legacy has a chance to spread his rule even further. Will the heroes be able to stop him? Can they even bring themselves to fight? Iron Legacy has no such compunctions. His will is iron. Justice will be done. Do not stand in his way.

The Iron Legacy story is a devastating one. Most of the times Legacy comes up in The Letters Page podcast, it’s about either the Paul Parsons we know and love, or his daughter AKA Young Legacy. But we have covered the Iron Legacy story on the air, in Episode #57.

Iron Legacy has made his way to this reality, and he sees the evil and weakness that must be purged, just as he did from his own reality. Can the heroes stand against the man who wears the face of the finest amongst them?

(Design not final)

As you can see from his Setup instructions and Gametext, Iron Legacy’s Ongoing cards are the main focus of his deck. And they’re all terrible.

(Design not final)

He also has a few One-Shots to accelerate his deck and also to punish the Heroes who would stand in his way.

(Design not final)

Besides a formidable physical force, there is also a psychological aspect to the fight, in that you’re facing such a powerful and inspirational hero… who has fallen so far.

(Design not final)

Remembering who Iron Legacy was and seeing the journey of what he became? It’s one of the more heartbreaking stories from Sentinel Comics. Can you stand against him? How will you fight a Legacy who believes his own legacy to be over?


A different sort of question today, but one I’ve heard echoed a few places, so let’s get into it. I’ve intentionally phrased it fairly vaguely, to cover many angles of discussion.

Q: What’s up with the icons on The Ennead cards?

A: We hear you. The “Hand” icon isn’t reading right, but all the icons are also treated differently than we treat icons in the rest of Definitive Edition, and that’s a problem. They’ll be reformatted to work like other icons (think Omnitron’s “Exterminate” and “Fabricate” icons). Oh, and we'll tweak and update the Hand icon. So, when you see them next, they’ll be [icon]Sun, [icon]Hand, and [icon]Ankh.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Maybe save the Multiverse a little over the weekend. You know, as a treat!

See you Monday!





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