The Magnus Archives Roleplaying Game

The Magnus Archives Roleplaying Game


This level gives you everything funded by this campaign—the Limited Deluxe Edition; the standard edition; Player’s Guides and Character Portfolios for an entire party; the GM’s campaign journal; the beautiful custom dice in the amazing book-safe style presentation box that doubles as a dice tray; and Leitner bookplates. You’re going to have an incredible gaming experience. See the main text for details on all of these wonderful rewards.

But here’s what really makes this level special: Your Limited Deluxe Edition comes autographed by game designer Monte Cook and The Magnus Archives creator Jonny Simms. And you get early access to the game as it completes its development phase so you can start running your campaign before the game’s release—or just enjoy reading it. (See the main text for more details on this.)

And you get A Guest for Mr. Spider—an actual Leitner. This is a full-fledged, physical copy of the book featured in The Magnus Archives—and perhaps in your own chilling adventures, if you dare read it! In your copy, the bookplate is signed by Jurgen Leitner. (Jonny Sims will do the actual signing.) And it comes in a sealed, possibly bloodstained, envelope addressed to Artefact Storage at The Magnus Institute. This presentation of A Guest for Mr. Spider is a campaign exclusive, and won’t be available anywhere else. (The version available as an add-on does not include these additional features.)

Furthermore, we anticipate that many stretch goals unlocked during this campaign will be included in this level!

As with all of our pledge levels, you get PDFs of all the print items. Except for A Guest for Mr. Spider—Mr. Spider doesn’t do digital.


✍️ AUTOGRAPHS! Your deluxe version is autographed by Jonny and Monte
🕷️ YOUR OWN LEITNER. Your own copy of A Guest for Mr. Spider, from the Leitner collection
📄 Early access
📕 Limited Deluxe Edition of The Magnus Archive Roleplaying Game in print
📗 The Magnus Archives Roleplaying in print
📖 5 x The Magnus Archives Player’s Guide in print
📔 5 x Character Portfolios in print
📓 GM’s Campaign Journal in print
🎲 Limited Edition Dice Set with Book Safe Presentation Box
🎴 Set of 12 Leitner bookplates
🔓 The Magnus Archives XP Deck
🔓 Set of 12 Magnus Institute file folders
🔓 The Magnus Archives Playmat
🔓 The Magnus Archives Prop Set
📲 The Magnus Archives Roleplaying Game in PDF
📲 The Magnus Archives Player’s Guide in PDF
📲 Character Portfolios in PDF
📲 Campaign Journal in PDF
📲 The Magnus Archives XP Deck in PDF

❓ What stretch goals will we unlock for this level?

Don't see a pledge level that has exactly what you want? No worries! Pick a pledge level that comes closest without including things you don't want. You'll be able to add additional items in the pledge manager after the campaign closes.

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