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Limited Edition - 78 Tarot 10th Anniversary Deck - A Celebration of Global Tarot Art

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Celebrate 78 Tarot's 10th year with a 111-card Limited Edition Deck and Book. Featuring 90 curated cards from sold-out decks and 21 brand new additions, in an epic collaboration of art and tarot.

Welcome to our 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash!!! Can you believe we have been creating these gorgeous collectors decks for a whole decade? We all still have vivid memories of our first campaign, and how very nerve-racking it was. Many of you reading this were there for it, and we are so grateful! It is because of you all that we have felt supported and loved all these years. For that, we can never thank you enough.

Because of all of you we are able to give work to hundreds of artists. We are able to spread their work all over the world and celebrate art and tarot with each new theme we create. We learn, and grow and evolve with your guidance and our 78 Tarot community is the best of the best humans to ever exist. And that is a fact.

We wanted to go ALL out for you for our tenth birthday! We wanted to create something incredibly one of a kind and special, maybe to never be created again. We wanted to reprint fan favorites in our OOP (Out of Print) decks and bring them all together to celebrate. 

We very carefully curated an entire tarot deck from cards of every single deck we have ever published, and because we are extra - we put in 11 wild cards and 2 meditations. And because we wanted to be even more extra and give even more artists work - we decided to create 21 extra cards to go into the deck. Yes, you read that right. There are 31 extra cards in this deck. It is an absolute masterpiece from every angle and we are so very happy to present it to you! 

Thank you so much for supporting 111 hard-working artists. We love you all.