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78 Tarot is a global art collaboration established in 2014 by artists and tarot enthusiasts. We bring together masterful illustrators to create collaborative Tarot & Oracle decks based on various themes chosen by the directors. Each deck utilizes a different theme to interconnect the story of Tarot, while using the traditional RWS as its guide. This approach allows the decks to be enjoyed by both beginners and seasoned readers. Additionally, they serve as wonderful collector's pieces, providing a miniature gallery that can be held in your hands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create beautiful, meaningful decks, and work with incredible, living artists. So far, we've been lucky enough to work with some of the best artists in the community and we strive to invite diverse artists into our own little community. We aim to always produce decks that do not show cultural appropriation, only appreciation. And to achieve this, we vow to continue improving, to always listen to our fans and critics and ensure we include imagery of diverse races, religions, sexual identities, body types and ages, so every user can connect to our decks.

AI Statement

78 Tarot is a project founded by artists and we have spent nearly 10 years working with some of the best artists in the business, including artists we have been fans of for years ourselves.

We firmly believe in supporting and paying talented living artists and encourage our backers and fans to follow our artists, by including their name on every card and across our media.

For this reason, no AI is allowed, or will ever be permitted in our projects. For conception, sketches or any step of this process. It is all completed from scratch by our artists. It will never be used for any design, templating or writing either.

One of our greatest joys in this project is seeing the sketches our artists provide, and hone until they are what we are looking for. They are so talented, and we love seeing every moment of their process. This is another reason we will not ever accept AI - it would cut out a valuable part of our project's heart.

By supporting the 78 Tarot project, you are supporting living, hard-working artists.


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