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Project Update: Woohoo another FREE GIFT for you!

Hello Party People!

Wow can you believe we are in our final hours?! This has been one long, epic party and we are so excited to get this deck and all these amazing rewards printed and sent to your home so you can continue the party! đŸ¥³

And since we have a few more days left to party, of course we have more surprises for your goodie bags! Here is what you are getting so far (everyone who backs for a physical item will get this goodie bag)

And now we are going to vote on another free sticker!!!! These are really high quality vinyl stickers and they are about the size of a business card! They will not have the card name or anything on them just the art.

So here are the choices! We picked a few of our faves to end with :)

Choose your fave in the attached poll!

We are pouring our heart and soul and every bit of energy and marketing budget into the last few days. This campaign will end Thursday morning 4am EDT :) Let’s keep going!!!!! 

If you want to talk directly to us just email [email protected] and we will get right back to you :) 

Thank you so much everyone! The artists and our team are SO GRATEFUL for all of you. We hope you enjoy the last few days!!!! Let’s unlock more surprise gifts!!!!!!!


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