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MAZES City of Skull - A Low Prep, Rules Light RPG

MAZES City of Skull - A Low Prep, Rules Light RPG

MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying is an old school dungeon crawler with 15 minute setup and one shot play in just 2 hours. This campaign expands MAZES with the City of Skull campaign setting, adventure, and additional accessories.
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MAZES is a return to the classic sword & sorcery dungeon crawler with award-winning, elegantly simple rules that put you right into the action. 🔥Want to hear what other people are saying? Click here

  • Choose a die, pick a class, and kick open the door to adventure! 

  • Enjoy a satisfying and meaningful adventure experience in only 2 hours. 

  • MAZES feels and plays like what roleplaying looks like on TV. 


9th Level Games is excited to be expanding the world of MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying with a complete campaign setting and adventure books.

  • City of Skull campaign setting hardcover (core rules and world gazetteer)

  • Beyond the City of Skull hex crawler adventure path 

  • Legacy of the Dungeon: Prison Tomb solo journaling adventure 

  • Upgraded, deluxe Maze Controller Screen 

  • City of Skull Roll20 VTT Module 

  • Custom City of Skull Coin set from Campaign Coins

  • Custom City of Skull Original Soundtrack by Dunjon Magik

A complete world gazetteer and sourcebook, along with rules for hexcrawling, advancement, and more.

City of Skull is a campaign setting for MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying that includes: 

  • Approximately 256 page hardcover 
  • A guide to living in Skull, the Last City. Learn the religion, politics, guilds, and lore of a unique and exciting adventuring world. Plus Hazards, Monsters, and Broken Gods of the Salt Waste.
  • New rules for hex-crawling and campaign stories
  • Long awaited Experience/Advancement rules for Mazes
  • 24 new character classes & 3 new character lineages
  • OSR style random treasure and magic item generation 
  • Random character generation options 
  • Ioun Stones (magical crystals that give powers) 
  • The game is built with West Marches style in mind with rules that combine Wealth and Darkness to build a framework for that.


A full adventure path that mixes west marches play, troupe characters, & hex crawling.

Beyond the City of Skull combines the accessibility of a MAZES experience with an overarching plot that shows off the Guilds of Skull and plenty of strange locations for adventure across the Eclipsed Plain.

Beyond the City of Skull is a West Marches Hexcrawling Adventure Path:

  • Approximately 120 Page softcover 
  • West Marches style campaign, with multiple connected, branching adventures
  • New rules for managing troupe style characters
  • 6 exclusive character classes for MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying
  • A bestiary of brand new hazards, monsters, traps, and tricks 
  • Fully mapped

A unique way to play - start with a solo journaling adventure game, end with a playable adventure module.

This SOLO JOURNALING RPG follows your final days as a powerful sorcerer - recalling your battles against the Dragons and the Mad King Vulthoom.  

As part of the journal, you are building a prison and filling with with traps, magical creatures, spells, tricks, and lore - and when you are done, you can have players explore the dungeon that you created using MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying (or your favorite OSR style ruleset).

Prison Tomb Solo Game includes: 

  • Approximately 120 Page softcover
  • Prompt driven journaling and decision making
  • Build your own or modify maps and charts
  • Populate a dungeon and back it up with story and lore
  • At the end you'll have a unique dungeon for your players while having fun as a player yourself
  • The perfect gift for the Forever GM


Stretch Goals

🔥 $15,000 - Funded!

🔥 $17,000 - Enhanced digital supplements 

  • Printer friendly character sheets 
  • Form Fillable character sheets 
  • Printer friendly City of Skull in-world Zine 
  • Printer friendly reference materials and City of Skull in world items

🔥$20,000 - Free Alchemy MAZES Module

  • All backers get the Alchemy RPG MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying module for free! 

🔥$25,000 - Add Adventure to Maze Controller Screen

  • We'll create a new one-shot adventure in the City of Skull for introductory play that will come with the Maze Controller Screen.

🔥$30,000 - Free Digital Adventure "Prophecy of the Blacklight Archive"

  • All backers will get a free digital adventure that can also be played in BLACKLIGHT with UV reactive paper and/or dice. Comes with the adventures, pre-gens, soundtrack, and set up plan. 

🔥$35,000 - More Art! 

  • We'll double the art budget for all new City of Skull campaign items including City of Skull, Beyond City of Skull, Prison Tomb, and the Maze Controller Screen. 

🔥 $40,000 - Free Digital Adventure "Dragonseye"

  • All backers receive the MAZES Adventure Dragonseye, which takes place in the City of Skull. 

🔥 $45,000 - Add Embossing Features to the Screen 

  • We'll add silver embossing features to the Maze Controller Screen for a more luxe look.

🔥 $50,000 - Print & Play PDF of City of Skull in-world Card Deck

  • This card deck also includes rules for in-world games that an adventurer may play on their own at camp, for divination, to socialize at the tavern, or to gamble coin. 

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  • Designed & Written by Chris O'Neill, creator of polymorph and MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying
  • Adventure Architecture & Additional Writing by Patrick Clapp, architect of MAZES Monthly
  • Illustrations by A. Shipwright, Justine Jones, and Droned Artworks
  • Production and Marketing by Heather O'Neill, CEO 9th Level Games

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