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Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set

Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set

Limited edition antique silver color plated pins in the shape of planetary symbols and a crescent moon wand with floral elements and a gemstone on each.
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Our Story

AdorkaBows & AmunetGFX are here with a brand new, limited edition collaboration pin set! These two artists have completed 5 pin set collaborations and are joining forces once again for their largest collection yet: Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set!
AdorkaBows & AmunetGFX present Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set. Includes photos of all six pin designs, planetary symbols for Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, a Crescent Moon wand and a flowering crystal, all with floral elements and colored gemstones on each.

AmunetGFX designed this beautiful set of pins with inspiration from our favorite magical planetary symbols and her own love of natural shapes, combining planet power with elegant floral aesthetics. 

Each limited edition pin features a planetary symbol, a flower, and a corresponding gemstone. All pins have a dated backstamp and two posts for secure attachment to your garment or display. 

We brought this project to BackerKit for our first public debut! 🥳 

Meet the Pins



Stretch Goals - Locket & Three Talismans

All pins are zinc alloy die cast 3D sculpted, with colored acrylic gemstones, antique silver color plated, with two plastic black rubber clutches and a dated backstamp. Each pin weighs ~1oz. Pin designs shown are production samples or design concepts and final designs may vary.


Another photo of all 6 pins

While the pins are the main rewards for helping us hit our goal, we do have some really exciting reveals to share with you should you help us go a little further! 🌙✨ Help us spread the word as the funding progresses to see what other magical things we can unlock for you!

Currently you can pledge at three different levels: 1 pin, a full set, or a double set. Pledge amounts do not include shipping which will be calculated during the survey process after the campaign. These prices also do not include MA Sales Tax or UK VAT which will be collected at the end as well. 

Tier: 1 Pin - Choose any one design $28

Tier: 1 Set - All 6 Pins, 25% off $129

Tier: 2 Sets - All 6 Pins in duplicate, 40% off $199

Add Ons
Need an extra pin or two? Want more stickers? No problem. When you confirm your pledge amount you will be able to select add-ons to round out your pledge to just the right amount for the rewards you want. Add-ons might change as the campaign progresses so be sure to check back throughout the time to see if there's anything new you need to add.

  • When you make a pledge you will see optional add ons. Click the add on box and your pledge amount will automatically increase to cover the desired add on.
  • To remove an add on that you accidentally clicked or decide you no long want, go back to the main page or your pledge manager to start again. 
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  • If the add on system is confusing or not working you will have the ability to add on during the survey process at the end of the campaign. 
We're excited to share these beautiful designs with you! Please help us spread the word so we can have these lovely designs made - and maybe unlock some more!


Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal Unlocked Crystal Pin ~1.5"/4.5cm tall, 3mm clear/white gemstone, 2 back posts


The Crystal Pin unlocked at $5.5k!
This beautiful pin rounds out the set at 6 pins so if you've pledged for a full set, you automatically get this one!
Crystal is also available as an individual pin reward.

Sticker Set Goal Unlocked


Stickers unlocked at $6k! 😁
These silver satin finish stickers are printed on durable, high opacity adhesive vinyl. They are about the same size as the pins and can be used both indoors and outdoors because they are water resistant and UV-coated for durability. ✨💪🏻😤

Stickers are automatically added to all pledge levels. If you pledge for a set you get the full set of stickers, too! Individual pins will come with their corresponding sticker.

Backing cards and boxes with silver metallic foil print

UNLOCKED: 🔓 STRETCH GOAL 3: Display Cards and Boxes for Sets!

Backing cards and the box is unlocked!
This goal gave us these beautiful foil display cards featuring more lovely line work by AmunetGFX as well as boxes for people who pledge for the complete set.

Individual pins will come mounted on individual cards and sets will come mounted on a larger card inside the collector's edition, fabric lined box. All the printing on these cards is a shimmery silver metallic that really pops on the matte black of the heavy cardstock. 😍✨

Set two includes Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Key, and Rose designs

UNLOCKED: 🔓 SUPER STRETCH GOAL: Second Pin Set! Unlocked at $12k

Many people have asked us about the other planets: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and yes - even Pluto!
We've unlocked the second set which includes these four pins as well as Key and Rose.

PLEASE NOTE: These will be *completely new designs* from the earliest stages and we likely won't have time to have physical samples made before the end of the campaign. If you pledge for these pins please keep this in mind. ♥

UNLOCKED: 🔓 Locket Pin Unlocked at $14k

This pin unlocked when we hit $14k. The community voted on the design.
Because this pin is a stand alone addition to the project and not part of a set you will have to modify your pledge with an additional $28 in funds to add this pin to your order. It is selectable as a single pin or single pin add on.

Final trio of pins, a mirror, time orb, and space sword, unlocked

UNLOCKED: 🔓 Three Talismans Pin Set Unlocked!!

Backers voted in the most recent poll to go for it all! Three more pins! Originally scheduled to unlock at $20k we've unlocked them EARLY for LAST CHANCE! 

The final THREE pins are inspired by a sword, mirror, and magic orb. The Mirror pin is actually a mirror! 

Get a few for yourself! We're doing special pricing for this final goal. You can add on to an existing pledge with $80 and get the whole group of 3!

Just want one? Add on or pledge the regular single pin price of $28.

Add to your pledge today and share this project with your friends to help us finish strong! 


Timeline: October 28, 2002 is when the campaign ends. From October 29 until November 5th we will issue surveys. November 11 is the approximate campaign payout date for funds collected. Manufacturing will run from November 14 until February 2023. Fulfillment process will begin in March 2023.

BackerKit is a pledge now and pay later system. Support our project now to help us reach our goals and you will only be charged at the end of the successful campaign. You can adjust your pledge throughout the campaign if needed as more rewards unlock. 

After the project ends, we will have to wait a bit for funds to be collected and sent to us. The pins will go into manufacturing soon after the campaign ends! It usually takes a few months for pins to be made and sent. There can be some unexpected delays in production or shipping sometimes so we've try to build those potentials into the timeline.

When the pins and other materials arrive to Sarah, she will personally start sorting things and packing orders one at a time, by hand, carefully so as to reduce the chances of mistakes. Depending on how many orders there are this could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. For this reason we anticipate orders to be fully shipped in early 2023.

Thanks so much for your patience & support! 🥰✨

About AdorkaBows & AmunetGFX

A graphic horizontal element with blue, navy, and silver florals and the words: About Us

AdorkaBows Logo: a rounded bun shape in blue with smiling purple eyes, blushing cheeks, and a purple hair bow

Artist Sarah Forde runs AdorkaBows and has been making and selling her art online and at conventions since 2010. Sarah has a nearly decade long history of fulfillment with crowd funded projects including her Magical Bow Hard Enamel Pins project from 2020 and her Magical Girl Coloring Book project from 2017. Sarah is focused mainly on creating magical girl themed art, bringing a little sparkle and fun to every fan through her one-of-a-kind, handsewn hair bow designs and cute hard enamel pins. Check out more of her work at!

AmuneGFX's Logo: a crescent moon with the points up, a lotus flower sitting in it

AmunetGFX is an artist and designer working with nature-inspired forms to weave beautiful, organic details into her line art. She draws inspiration from Art Nouveau and elegant fashion. Her main interests are in product & tattoo design. She really likes pretty things. ✨ Amunet works in tattoo, logo, and product design for various private clients. You can follow her work on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

A graphic horizontal element with blue, navy, and silver florals


After the Campaign

AdorkaBows and AmunetGFX have a two year history with 5 successful pin collaborations and over 400 sales funded and sold directly through the private Facebook group AdorkaBows Select Bow-Peeks. This new project works with established processes and manufacturers to offer the best possible quality and timeliness of these pins that we can provide. Samples of the first set have already been made and currently being adjusted so they will be ready to immediately go into full production after the close of the campaign.

Thank you for your support!

The creators of the project will be in regular communication during and after this project to keep everyone up to date on fulfillment, including if the project is delayed due to circumstances beyond our control such as international and domestic shipping delays or supply chain issues. 

Sarah from AdorkaBows is handling the fulfillment portion of this campaign. She has a nearly 10 year history of successfully meeting customer expectations with excellent communication and customer service. Should the scope of this project exceed Sarah’s personal capacity for fulfillment she is prepared to reach out for additional assistance as needed.  


Here's some words from our previous clients about past projects and fulfilment by AdorkaBows and AmunetGFX. We greatly appreciate the time these folks took to write these messages for us. ♥

"Sarah and Amunet make beautiful pins and run their preorders smoothly. I've participated in three so far. We're kept up to date every step of the way from start to orders arriving to homes. Sarah is kind and always open to answer any questions or concerns we have.   One of the preorders actually required major changes. Sarah included detailed images of what was wrong with the manufacturer sample, what needed to be changed and why. They both refuse to settle on anything that isn't breathtakingly beautiful and well made, which is one of the many reasons I continue to be a customer." from Alec G,

So far, I have backed 2 of Sarah and Amunet's projects, but I have watched many of the other projects come through with flying colors and I've definitely regretted missing out on one or two! The quality of work produced truly creates a fantastic collector's piece and the style of work is like no other.  Sarah is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to running these campaigns. She always plans in advance for potential delays and issues, and is always transparent about what's going on with her backers. On top of this, Sarah's human element is fantastic: when the boxes on her last campaign were delayed because they were coming from a newly war-torn Ukraine, she doubled down on her order and told them to take their time.  I am eager to back Sarah and Amunet's next project and am certain I'll be on the lookout for the one after that, too! - Aimee,

Please pledge your support today and help us make these beautiful pins! ♥

Set of 6 pins laying in open palms
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