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over 1 year ago

Project Update: It has been a Day!

Greetings everyone, and thanks for your support of Aegean Sea! We passed our funding goal yesterday, and are up over 700 backers and 200% already.

Unfortunately, our actual secret "real" funding goal was thirty seven point nine million dollars ($$$), and it just doesn't seem like we have the momentum to get there, so we're going to have to cancel the cam-

Yeah no :)  We're thrilled with the support so far! Aegean Sea is maybe not a game that will hit the top of the sales charts, but it's a fun, clever, unique game that we want to share with as many people as we can. We're not doing any stretch goals or things like that- the game is complete! 

Some folks have pointed out some typos on the current cards and omissions in our beta rulebook, we'll be taking care of those and shoring up the pretty-factor of the rulebook in the coming weeks. 

This is our first campaign on BackerKit's new crowdfunding platform, and we like it so far! In fact, in this update, there's even a section called "Backer Only", so I think I get to write a secret message just to backers. Let's find out:
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