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about 1 year ago

Project Update: Visual updates!

Hello friends! Thanks to each and every one of you who've made this campaign an overwhelming success. It's been a hectic couple weeks and I did not get to do nearly as many streams and things as I'd have liked, but we've been working behind the scenes on some updates to the game based on feedback we've received from you all. 

One of the most crucial things we've been aiming for with the edits to Aegean Sea over the past couple years is making it easier for first-time players to play (also something I've worked hard on for One Deck Galaxy!). The concept of an island's preference, and the fact that it differs from the color of the card itself, is tricky. Once you get it, it's simple, but between the streams and other first-time plays I've witnessed on TTS over the past few weeks, we realized we needed to beef up the up-front info a bit.

Each island's preference was always in three places - the stripe, and the corners. We've added it to be a clear subtitle under the island name itself, which helps when you're fanning cards out in your hand, and also really reinforces the concept for a new player. We've also updated the presentation of the stripe (now cleaner and rectangular instead of trapezoidal - an artifact from some previous ideas), and changed the corners as well. The corner reminder is now both larger, and shape-differentiated per type (remember that only one corner reminder will be showing based on where a card is tucked!) This should aid both colorblind players and anyone playing in low-light situations. Finally, if you're looking closely, you can see that we've updated the line style on the card. We've gone with a cleaner presentation both for the four icons on the edges, and for the people-based filigree that surrounds the corner reminders.  

We've also been making various updates and corrections to the rulebook and cards, and we'll be posting proofreadable copies of everything that's been changed after the campaign concludes and before it's time to go to print. We're still aiming to press the print button on this in December. Thanks to everyone who's tried out the game and sent along feedback! It's super helpful. 

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