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over 1 year ago

Project Update: Proofs and Schedule

Hello friends! I apologize for the quietness over the past month or so - without going too far into it, it's been a pretty rough time for me personally, and I haven't had as much time as I'd hoped to for game business things. Doing my best to get as much done as I can, and thankfully I do have news to share for Aegean Sea.

Specifically, we're on schedule to have production stuff start up with the factory after Lunar New Year, but before we submit the final files, we'd love to have you all take a peek!

You can find the cards (both individual island and home) and rulebook up at (three PDFs, 25MB total). We've gone over them ourselves, but we welcome any feedback. A number of wording clarifications and small clean-ups have happened since the campaign, and we hope the game's in good shape. 

You'll notice that the rulebook ends abruptly - we're still compiling a FAQ, but we feel that the rulebook should be theoretically complete without it - if there's anything that isn't fully explained already, we want to know! The FAQ is there mostly for odd edge cases, and things that are in the rules that might not be obvious at first. You can submit feedback here as comments, or via email to [email protected]

We don't have a precise schedule for delivery yet, but we'll update you with boat dates as soon as we have them. Our goal is to have this available in the spring or summer, and we'll see if the Ocean Freight gods (Posiedon?) agree. 




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