Aegean Sea

Aegean Sea

Carl Chudyk's latest card game - use your clever strategy to guide one of five ancient peoples to prosperity through asymmetric competition. Each island's unique ability can help you to build ships, grow populace, establish temples, transport goods, or find new islands, all to enrich your home island. The richest home island wins!
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What is Aegean Sea

In Aegean Sea, you take charge of one of five ancient peoples (Sparta, Athens, Crete, Ephesus, or Rhodes) in a quest to lead them to great things! The game supports 2-5 players, and lasts about 20 minutes per player. Learning games and first plays can take a bit longer, as you explore the wide variety of options available to you.

Your goal is simple: Score points. Your primary source of points is your Home Island, where you'll amass Goods. Several of the same type are best, as they score as the square of their quantity (5 bronze = 25, etc). Each of the five peoples also has their own unique Customs - special asymmetric rules that change the course of play. Some score you points directly, others by influencing your actions.

Each player has a unique deck of 44 cards, each a real island in the Aegean. Every card has preference for one of the game's 5 basic actions. On most turns, you'll spend a card to take its matching basic action, and then have the opportunity to use it's special effect - but only if you can perform the entire effect. Optimizing your plays to use as many effects as possible is a crucial part of a successful strategy!

Each Island Card can represent one of five things in play, depending on where it is tucked. Learning how to efficiently manage which cards you use for actions and which to represent your people, ships, and temples is very important, because your deck is the timer for the game.  Spending your turn to refill your hand after your deck is empty ends the game immediately!

This is but one of many strategies you'll need to figure out to be successful. Aegean Sea is a game that you can learn reasonably quickly, but your skills will evolve and grow with each play. We've worked hard to make the game both accessible and strategically deep, because we'd like to see you bring this game to your table to enjoy many, many times.

Rulebook and Playthroughs

You can download a PDF copy of the Aegean Sea rulebook if you'd like to know more about the mechanics in detail. This is a draft, we're still working on the rulebook artwork and adding some examples.

This summer at Gen Con, we made short demo overviews for some of our upcoming games. The video for Aegean is below:

On October 24, we hosted a Twitch stream to run a live demo - the recording is below:

We'll be running more streams on our channel and others during the campaign to show off the game! Stay tuned for updates on when they'll be happening :)

Price, Shipping, VAT & Logistics

We will be charging for shipping and VAT during the post-campaign pledge management phase, closer to when we're ready to ship. Please note, shipping prices remain very volatile right now. While we're hopeful there won't be any changes, we can't guarantee it. As always, if you ever want a refund of your pledge, we'll give it back to you in full! 

A case will likely cost roughly 2-3 times the estimate for one copy.

We hope to enter production a few weeks after the close of the campaign, in late November/early December, fulfilling to backers in early 2023.

Team Aegean

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