Circus Borg

Circus Borg

Escape a true circus of horrors. Face foes that want you to become part of their show in this supplement for Mork Borg.
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What this game is about

The Hellfire Enchantment Extravaganza is in town, and its influence is expanding throughout the land. Ahead of you lies a circus tent. Inside, the ringmaster offers a world of adventure. Buy popcorn, take deals, and enjoy your stay.  Perhaps you'll visit one of the many attractions on the circus, unaware of the possible horrors inside. Maybe you’ll just watch a show and ask for a snack from the snack seller. Or, if you are lucky, you can meet the Ringmaster! HE is willing to show you the backstage action, but SHE  would also want something in return. Perhaps you can start a new career? After all, the circus always needs new freaks to showcase. 
Circus Borg is a monstrous menagerie of creatures, adventures, feats, and magical items compatible with Mork Borg. The book includes the Lore behind the Hellfire Enchantment Extravaganza, the mysterious Ringmaster, a plethora of NPCs, and tables to enrich your game of Mork Borg. This is a third-party product presented in Doom Metal style.

Explore the circus of horror in this Mork Borg-compatible book

  • The story of the Hellfire Enchantment Extravaganza! 
  •  Over 40 monsters, including the clown cohort
  •  3 complete horror adventures
  •   6 new classes fully compatible with MorkBorg. 
  •  Deals with the ringmaster for arcane power but beware of the consequences. 
  • Snack sellers offer salty treats, sweets, and souls. Anything you may need if you are willing to pay the price 
  • Assorted NPCs, tables of ominous circus public, random items you find, tents and more! 


What’s in the book

The book is a 5.5” x 8” color hardcover with everything you need inside. It features the story of the Hellfire Enchantment Extravaganza,  over 30 creatures, each with their own lore and special abilities, six new classes,  three adventures, two shopkeepers, showmanship feats, and cursed and blessed items. All these are part of a rich new location for your Mork Borg adventures.

Face new creatures 

The many horrors you will face inside Circus Borg range from the awry Elephant of Doom to a cohort of clowns ready to tear your flesh. Every creature includes their statistics and a short snippet of their lore and how they behave. All creatures are designed to work with the core Mork Borg rules. You can find clowns, puppetmasters, demonic animals, and horrific ticketsellers. 

Experiment with new classes. 

Challenge the three-ring with six new circus-themed classes. Learn how to expel fire with the Firebreather class or use a deck of cards to predict the future with the fortune teller class, but beware of the possible consequences. Each class comes with its full progression and art.

Show the public your prowess! 

Inspired by the Unheroic Feats, the Showmanship Feats offer a new range of abilities you can acquire at the circus. All of them require you to create a strong emotion in those around you but how you inflict that emotion on the public is up to you. Perhaps you relish instilling fear in your audience or awing them with your presence.

Three full adventures

The book includes three full circus-themed adventures. The adventures are related to the circus and can be played individually or as part of a bigger campaign.

 The Hellfire Enchantment Extravaganza just arrived in town. Your mercenary group was tasked with finding out why people go missing everywhere the caravan passes, using brute force if needed. Do you remember nothing past that point and just waking up in a cage locked with a… monkey? Escape is afoot. Make sure to leave nothing but bloodshed out of those psychos.
You have been given the chance to atone for your crimes and sins. You are tasked with investigating the nearby town of Rottdarth, which has neglected to present its taxes. Immerse yourself in a small town bent and broken by the arrival of the Hellfire Enchantment Extravaganza. Its contorted denizens plead with the last of their breath and warn of the shaded figures lurking in the shadows overhead.
You enter a tent looking for a quick coin. After the circus left town, a single tent remained. You hoped for quick cash on whatever was left but you only found puppets. Creepy human-sized puppets, as you keep exploring, looking for that elusive treasure something feels out of place but now is too late. 

Sellers, ringmaster, deals, and more!

Visit the snack seller and buy something, although you may need to pay with more than just coins. The ringmaster himself also offers deals. Take the deal! After all, she is just an innocent ringmaster who is willing to trade your memories for her friendship or power.  Tables of trinkets from the circus, eerie patrons, eldritch visitors, and weird exhibits. Everything you need to expand your world with the visit to the Hellfire Enchantment Extravaganza.  


CircusBorg is an independent production by Axostories  and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.


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Axo Stories is an international co-op, and we coordinate with printers in the USA and the EU to fulfill the book. After the project ends, we will open the pledge manager to pay for shipping. Currently, we have the following shipping estimates to different parts of the world. The PDFs are going to be fulfilled by DriveThruRpg.


Our Team

We are Axo Stories, a Game co-op from Mexico City. We have helped small creators with their zines and board games, and have worked for more prominent companies in the past. CircusBorg is our seventh project as a co-op. We have already delivered The Maze, which got nominated for Best Setting and Best Adversary in the Ennies 2021, and Masks of Power, our next project to start fulfillment.  We always strive to bring you high-quality games with fantastic art and rules.

We are working with two writers for Circus Borg. 

Thomas Gimenez Rioja a game designer, writer, and software engineer from Argentina. Big fan of monsters, horror, and coffee. You can find him writing monthly columns for Tribality and the Gnome Stew, as well as collaborating on projects, and creating some of his own! If a monster from this book kills you, it's very likely it's his fault

Bernardo Alvarez is a writer for screen, comics, and games from Mexico City. He has a great love for formats and branching storytelling. An avid gamer, dependent on caffeine and lame jokes, he spends his time staring at his cat and tricking people into paying him for making stuff up. He is a fan of horror, sci fi and getting wrecked on Spelunky 2

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