Nocturnal Nouveau

Nocturnal Nouveau

A mystical celebration of the flora and fauna of the night in a collection of beautiful Art Nouveau style enamel pins.
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When the stars and the moon rule the sky, critters emerge to hunt and play. These oft-misunderstood animals not only represent an important part of their ecosystems, but have inspired humanity across the ages. In this set, I’ve paired my love for the elegance of vintage Art Nouveau jewelry with the celestial beauty of the night sky and some of my favorite night-time fauna.

In these pins you can celebrate not only the ecological value of these delightful animals, but seek guidance from their mystical sides as well. Owl’s wisdom is well-known, as is the liminal nature of the bat, but did you know that in Mazatec legend it is the humble opossum who brings fire from the stars to humanity?

Besides the barn owl, fruit bat, and opossum, your support can help this collection grow! I have stretch goals to unlock additional floral and celestial pin designs, an additional colorway option, and free pins!

Our first stretch goal is the Series 02 pins, featuring three different flowers that bloom at night. This reward will be unlocked when we hit $7000, which will cover the cost of production for the additional pins.

At $8,500 we will unlock an additional design option for both series of pins! Backers will vote on whether you want an optional glitter finish or a second colorway option! The design option that Backers vote on will be available as choices for the reward tiers or as add-ons.

At $10,000 we will unlock a collection of celestial accent pins. These mini pins will be only be available as add-ons, unless...

...unless campaign funding reaches $18k, at which point a set of ALL THREE of the mini accent pins will be included for free for all Pledge Levels for 6+ pins  UPDATE! The new goal is to unlock a free North Star accent pin for ALL backers!

Several pledge levels are available and you can select your rewards from any of the unlocked Series 01 and Series 02 pins. Additional pins and rewards are available as Add-ons!

  • One Pin: 1 pin of your choice for $13
  • Two Pins: 2 pins of your choice for $25
  • Three Pins: 3 pins of your choice for $36
  • Six Pins: The full set of all 6 Animalia and Flora pins for $70, or mix-and-match 6 pins for $72
  • Pins & Stickers Bundle: The full set of all 6 Animalis and Flora pins and all 6 of the 3" Vinyl Stickers for $90
  • All-in: Nocturnal Nouveau Universe Collection: For the true collector! Includes one Nouveau pin display with the full set of all 6 Animalis and Flora pins, two sets of the Stellae accent pins plus an extra 19 Little Stars, all 6 of the 3" Animalia and Flora stickers, and the 4x6" Sticker Sheet for only $175. This incredible bundle will save you $55 and is only available during the live campaign.

Early Bird Specials: Make your pledge in the first 48 hours and you can choose from two special extra discount tiers! Get one Series of three pins for $33 or both Series for a total of 6 pins for $65. (These tiers include the full Series with one of each design, no mix-and-match.)

NOTE: The above prices DO NOT include shipping. Shipping costs will be charged AFTER the campaign, closer to the shipping date via the backer survey.
We've got several exciting Add-ons to enhance the Nocturnal Nouveau collection!

First, I'm thrilled to be partnering with Carly K of Mythic Mgmt to offer these incredible exclusive pin displays! Carly makes fantastic displays for small collectibles like coins, cards, and enamel pins, and they designed the perfect displays to hold the entire Nocturnal Nouveau collection, with extra room to pin constellations and create a night sky full of stars. 

The displays perfectly fit the collection, and include extra space to create constellations or design your own unique layout.

The pin displays are available in two unique designs and two different woodgrain finishes...but we can only include ONE of the four options in the campaign Add-ons, so this is where you come in. Please VOTE by August 1st for the color and design combination that you want to see available as an Add-On in the Community Poll.

You'll also find additional pins—including fun multi-packs of the Stellae mini pins, perfect for creating constellations on your pin displays! Below are just two of several possible options: choose the Nebula Bundle with a whopping 21 Little Stars to create multi constellations!

Finally, you can also add big 3" stickers and a 4x6" sticker sheet (again, with extra Little Stars) to your pledge to round out the collection. (Though if you want absolutely everything in the Nocturnal Nouveau collection, the All-in: Nocturnal Nouveau Universe pledge level will save you $55!)
Due to the unpredictable nature of the shipping and manufacturing process, these estimates are subject to change in either direction. We'll be sure to send progress updates regularly until fulfilled.

Tentative timeline:
  • August 16, 2023: Campaign ends, and funds will be received 2-3 weeks after.
  • Early September: Surveys sent to backers
  • Late September: Production will start with an estimated 4-8 weeks of production time.
  • November: Packaging & shipping begins (shipping cost charged to backers)
  • December: Delivery to backers

  • Shipping will be charged separately after the campaign ends and closer to the ship date.

  • Shipping for up to 3 pins will be via USPS First Class with tracking; costs are subject to change based on USPS rates at the time of shipping. Estimated shipping as of August 2023 is $6 within the US and $15-20 everywhere else. 
    Orders of 4+ pins will be sent insured via Priority Mail, estimated at $12 within the US and $35-50 everywhere else. 
    Please see the Pledge Levels and Add-Ons for estimated shipping costs for pin displays.

  • We will do our best to ensure the most cost-effective and accurate shipping costs for all.

  • International backers, I love you, but your shipping is very complicated and unfortunately delivery tracking can be unreliable. We will do everything possible to avoid lost packages, but the reality is that once a package leaves the US, we have no way of tracking it on our end. For that reason, all International packages must be shipped with insurance or at your own risk. We will not be able to replace any international packages shipped without insurance. International backers are responsible for all customs, duty, and VAT charges. 

Due to international shipping restrictions and packaging laws, I cannot ship to the following countries: Germany, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Timor-Leste, Belarus, Russia, Turkmenistan, Bhutan, South Sudan, Yemen, Brunei, Sudan, Laos, Syria. 
Pledges from backers residing in these countries will be cancelled and refunded unless a shipping address to an alternate country can be provided.

Hello, I’m so delighted you’re interested in my pin collection! I'm Carrie Alyson, a Tacoma-based artist who loves tarot, board games, and hiking with my wife. In 2019, I crowdfunded my Calming Cats pin collection, a series of mindfulness reminders paired with feline support. At the start of 2023, I crowdfunded my Frantic Familiars collection, which embodied the magic and mayhem of setting myself the goal of becoming a full-time artist.

With this latest collection, I’m doing just that, and your support means the world to me. I have a lot more in store as I grow Aspenhearted, so I invite you to follow me and find more of my work here:
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