🎪 Shopkeeper Pledge [Retailers & Wholesale]

Gloomhaven Grand Festival Backerkit Campaign - Retailer Pledge Terms 


By Pledging at the Shopkeeper Pledge Level you hereby agree to the following terms. Please be aware the Retailer Pledge Manager does NOT grant access to digitally distributed products. 

• Eligibility
 > This pledge level is only valid for retailers with physical, public facing, storefronts from which they regularly and/or traditionally sell goods.
 > Strictly online retailers, “group pledges”, and buying clubs will NOT qualify for eligibility.

• Proof of Eligibility & Registration
 > The following proof of eligibility will be collected via a retailer survey upon completion of the campaign and will need to be submitted before receiving and finalizing your pledge manager:
 » Verifiable Store Name, Address, Phone Number
 » Business License/Registration
 » EIN/Tax ID Number

• Registered Retailers
 > Once verified, registered retailers will be invited to have their store and contact information listed on our new store locator coming to cephalofair.com/retailers and become eligible to receive paid for and promotional hobby products. 
 > Retailers unable to register by survey deadline may not be granted access to the Retailer Pledge Manager.

• Retail Pre-order Policy
 > Online pre-order sales are NOT permitted by registered retailers during the duration of the 30 day Gloomhaven BackerKit Campaign or until your store has been granted access to the Retailer Pledge Manager
 > Once non-retailer pledge managers and 'late pledge' windows close (fall 2023) registered retailers will be given an additional 30 days (minimum) of pledge manager access in which in-store and online pre-order sales will be encouraged and promoted by Cephalofair Games.

• Products & Pricing
 > Retailers will only have access to the following products in the post-campaign Pledge Manager, at 50% off MSRP:

Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs
 » Gloomhaven: Buttons & bugs $10.00 ($20 MSRP)

Gloomhaven: Second Edition
 » Gloomhaven: Second Edition $90 ($180 MSRP)
 » Gloomhaven: Replaceable Stickers - $7.50 ($15 MSRP)
 » Gloomhaven Solo Scenarios - $7.50 ($15.00 MSRP)
 » Gloomhaven: 1st Edition Class Upgrade Set - $50 ($100 MSRP)

Frosthaven 1st Printing
 » Frosthaven (1st Printing - Ships Immediately) - $115 ($250 MSRP)
 » Frosthaven: Solo Scenarios - $7.50 ($15 MSRP)
 » Frosthaven: Removable Sticker Set - $10 ($20 MSRP)
 » Frosthaven: Play Surface Books - $35 ($70 MSRP)

Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game
 » Gloomhaven RPG: Core Rulebook - $20 ($40 MSRP)
 » Gloomhaven RPG: Deluxe Box Set - $60 ($120 MSRP)
 » Gloomhaven RPG: The Complete Card Set - $40 ($80 MSRP)
 » Gloomhaven RPG: Gloom Master Screen - $7.50 ($15 MSRP)
****Additional Retail Only RPG Accessories & Products****

Miniatures of Gloomhaven
 » Miniatures of Gloomhaven: Gloomhaven Base Set - $90 ($180 MSRP)
 » Miniatures of Gloomhaven: Gloomhaven Summons Expansion Set - $20 ($40 MSRP)
 » Miniatures of Gloomhaven: Gloomhaven Mercenaries Set $15.00 ($30 MSRP)
 » Miniatures of Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles Expansion Set - $15.00 ($30 MSRP)
 » Miniatures of Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion Expansion Set - $7.50 ($15 MSRP)
 » Miniatures of Gloomhaven: Frosthaven Expansion Set - $60 ($120 MSRP)
 » Miniatures of Gloomhaven: Frosthaven Summons Expansion Set- $20 ($40 MSRP)

• Deposit & Payment
 > Your $30 retailer pledge will be attributed to your Gloomhaven Campaign Pledge Manager as a credit towards your complete order.
 > Orders may be finalized at any time, we will collect payment on finalized orders through Backerkit once your order has been produced and is in route to your regional fulfillment center.

• Shipping
 > For your convenience, extra effort will be made to implement regional large volume/freight pricing directly into your pledge manager, where possible.
 > Estimated shipping rates will be made available during Backerkit Pledge Manager windows. 
 > Note: VFI Asia will be handling shipping arrangements for their regional retail backers. Qualifying retailers will be able to arrange freight forwarding with their preferred shipping service and deal directly with VFI ASIA and their forwarders.

• Distribution Embargo:
 > Cephalofair Games will hold off the official street date of Gloomhaven: Second Edition, Gloomhaven RPG, & Miniatures of Gloomhaven for a period of at least 30 days from the date when our BackerKit orders are completed by our fulfillment partners (excluding backers with incomplete surveys, outstanding invoices, or reshipments of missing & lost orders).

• Breach
 > Failure to adhere to the above terms of the Gloomhaven Campaign Retailer Pledge Level, including failure to provide verifiable proof of eligibility, will result in the cancellation of any orders placed and surrender of your pledge deposit.

• Termination & Cancellations
  > Cephalofair Games, LLC holds the rights to refuse service at any time.

🎪 Shopkeeper Pledge [Retailers & Wholesale]

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