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  • USB Power Cable

    USB Power Cable

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    A USB Power Cable to power your LED Bases instead of using batteries. length: 1,5m USB2.0 A Male - 3.5mm OD / 1,35mm ID coaxial Male

  • Digital Artbook

    Digital Artbook

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    A collection of high-resolution images, created along the way as part of our current and previous campaigns as a digital download. This digital art collection showcases more than 150 artworks gathering all the works of our past 5 years; a beautiful compilation of colourful illustration, renderings, concept art and sketches. With this book, you'll get a glimpse into how we work, our vision, and into some unseen, discarded material. The footage from the old artbook is still included. With this new 2023 version, we've unearthed some more old treasures and added the Black Hole footage to the collection. The Artbook will be a downloadable PDF

  • Big LED Base Plate Round

    Big LED Base Plate Round

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    The 15LEDs in the Big LED Base is perfect plattform to illuminate our Spheres any color It includes a custom 3D printed base to fit both the 8 cm and 15 cm Spheres We also offer an optional USB power connector to eliminate the need for 3x 1,5V - AA batteries. Dimensions: 11.5cm x 11.5cm

    LED Set for 8cm Sphere

    LED Set for 8cm Sphere

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    The LED Set is a perfect fit for all 8cm Spheres. The 5 LED Base plate illuminate the Sphere in any color and the included 3D printed fitting holds the Sphere secure on the Base. The Base is powered by batteries (not included) or an optional USB Power Cable

  • A Sphere (8 cm)

    A Sphere (8 cm)

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    Add another of our famous 8cm Universe Spheres (including the Black Hole Sphere) and choose your model in the post-campaign survey. You can choose from: The Universe Sphere The Solar System Sphere The Milky Way Sphere The Star Con Sphere The Black Hole Sphere Laser etched into crystal clear glass.

  • The Big Sphere (15cm)

    The Big Sphere (15cm)

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    Get an additional Big Sphere (15cm) You can choose which model you would like to get in the post-campaign survey. Available model are the Universe, Milky Way, Solar System and the Black Hole. The LED Set includes the Big LED Base and a 3D printed fitting to fit the base

  • Wall Light Disc Square

    Wall Light Disc Square

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    Our Accretion Disk Wall-Light. Size upgrades and different motives possible post-campaign.

  •  Wall Light Perspective Square

    Wall Light Perspective Square

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    Our Black Hole Perspectives Wall-Light. Size upgrades and different motives possible post-campaign.

  • Wall Light Distortion Wide

    Wall Light Distortion Wide

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    Our Black Hole Distortion Wall-Light. Size upgrades and different motives possible post-campaign.