In the backerkit section it says my order shipped but I haven't received any tracking number and there hasn't been any update since "Last updated on 04/14/2023 11:00:48 AM". I have seen that some people have received their shipments. I've tried commenting here and emailing them but no reply. 27 days ago they said We are thrilled to announce that the very last orders from the Black Hole Sphere campaign here on Backerkit Crowdfunding have been successfully shipped! Is there anyone else like me who haven't received anything or a tracking number? I had an addon for Canvas Print. Could there be a delay due to that not being ready? If so please let me know. I think I've been patient waiting four months and waiting almost a month since they say the campaign has finished to give them time to ship. Thanks to anyone who knows anything about what is going on and lets me know.

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