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Floral Evo Friends - Hard enamel pins collection by Coco Glez

Floral Evo Friends - Hard enamel pins collection by Coco Glez

Full set of 9 floral evo friends enamel pin collection + stretch goals for additional designs and goodies!
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About me

Hi everyone! I am Coco, and I am an illustrator based in Spain. I like drawing cute characters, cats, and fanart of my favorite shows and franchises, and with my first crowdfunding project I would like to create a collection of Poke-themed enamel pins.

I have been drawing chibi Pokes for a while and turning them into phone charms to collect, but I kept thinking which ones to pick to turn into enamel pins, and I think that the evo friends with their different elemental forms combined with floral motifs encapsulate some of the things I find most fun to draw.

If you pledge for this project, you will receive an item that has been designed with a lot of thought and care. I have gone through several phases of ideas and sketches before considering production of this collection of enamel pins, and finally decided on a theme and color palette that I hope that you will enjoy as much as I enjoyed designing them! :)


The pins!!

General characteristics:
-Approx. 40mm in size
-Gold plating
-Double backing post
-Screen pinting

Additionally, we can unlock other poke designs when the full collection is unlocked!

Stretch goals


Freebies with your pledge



There are 2 ways you can add extra items to your pledge:
  • During the campaign: visit the add-ons tab, and select the add-ons you would like to include with your pledge. You will not be charged until the end of the campaign, along with your pledge.
  • After the campaign: when the surveys are sent out post campaign, if the goals are met, you will be still be able to select add-ons that you will be able to pay, along with the shipping costs for the campaign items, within the survey itself.

Please bear in mind that some add-ons might increase the estimated shipping costs suggested for pins alone, due to weight and/or size of the additional items. You can find more information in the shipping section of this campaign!

The following items are available as add-ons for your pledge, now and later!

How it works

BackerKit campaigns are an all or nothing kind-- This means that if the production goal is not achieved for the campaign, it will be cancelled and you will not be charged for your pledge, which you can cancel or edit anytime during the duration of the campaign.

The initial goal for this campaign is to unlock the first design of the evo friend collection. The additional stretch goals aim to complete the collection by unlocking the other 8 (plus some unlockable extras if we surpass the goal!).

Your support is very important to reach the production goals, so we can unlock as many designs as possible as the campaign progresses. The more designs available, the wider variety you will be able to pick your selected designs from.

Enjoy special perks during the first 48 hours of the campaign!
  • Every pledge during this time will receive a special "You are enough" vinyl sticker!
  • Some tiers will also have special discounts for a limited amount of backers, make sure to check them out!!


Shipping costs & Tax info


🟥 🟥 🟥Shipping will be charged AFTER THE CAMPAIGN, SEPARATELY from your pledge amount, when the BackerKit post-campaign survey is sent out for you to fill. This is to guarantee the most accurate pricing for your pledges. You will be able to add last-minute add-ons during this stage of the campaign. 🟥 🟥 🟥

This campaign is organized and fulfilled from Spain, so here is an approximate idea of shipping costs for your reference.

The shipping prices shown are approximate (if there's an increase of the cost, it will not be very high) depending on final weight of the standard letter including any extra unlocked freebies, but will try to get the lowest price possible for shipping and provide as much variety of options as available.

  • National orders (Spain): ~5$ for most pledges, approximately
  • EU orders (Europe):  ~6$ for most pledges, possibility of ~12$ tracked option to most destinations, approximately
  • United States, Canada, Australia: ~$6 untracked option for 1-pin pledges (with possibility to upgrade to tracked shipping if preferred), ~$10-15 with tracking for a wide range of pledges
  • Other international destinations: ~$10-15 with tracking for a wide range of pledges

Some add-on items that you include with your pledge might increase the shipping costs due to weight and/or size of the items. Please bear this in mind!

Please bear in mind that backers/customers are responsible for any VAT import duties or taxes that the local courier (national postal service of your respective country) might apply for international orders.

UK customers: due to VAT processing rules specific to the UK, unfortunately I cannot process your pledges through BackerKit, but you may pledge through an Etsy listing. Feel free to contact me if you need further assistance with your pledge/add-ons!


Previous pins

Here are some examples of past pins designed by me, which you can find in my online shop! :)



10th April: BackerKit campaign begins!
2nd May: Campaign ends, backers pledges are processed and charged (minus shipping)
End of May: Survey sent out (you specify which pins you want, any add-ons, and shipping info/payment)
June: Surveys are closed, information submitted to manufacturers to begin production
July-August: Item production and manufacturing
September: Quality check and shipping to backers begins

Shipping from Spain takes approximately 4-6 weeks to most international destinations.

If any delays (due to manufacturing issues, feedback, postal issues) occur, I will keep you updated along the process on social media and with project updates whenever necessary.

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