The People's Champion - A Trading Card Game For Good

The People's Champion - A Trading Card Game For Good

The political system is COM-PLI-CATED and yet it is connected so much to what is possible in the world around us. Working to break down barriers to our system we created a Trading Card Game where resources, leaders, and actions play into creating change!
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Game Intro

Game background and elements of play!

Our Trading Card Game, "The People's Champion", is a 1-6 person game, for ages 10+, that explores problem-solving, team dynamics, social sciences, visual arts, and ways to create positive local change! Teach a class or organize a club? We also have a number of options and game modes for large group play and discussion!

Launching alongside the card game is a game manual and online portal for all the different game modes, educational activities, and inspiration behind the different cards! It is also important to us that we minimize plastic waste and track the environmental impact of our card game! We believe our upcycled booster packs are in itself an additional innovation showcasing positive change!

By supporting this crowdfund campaign you help us work with artists and educators to put together polished designs and resources for the launch of the game!

Check Out Our Playtest Game Guide! View the different ways you can play the game!

The People's Champ Videos:
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Why A Card Game For Systems Change...

The political system is COM-PLI-CATED and yet it is connected so much to what is possible in the world around us. Working to break down barriers to our system we created a Trading Card Game where resources, leaders, actions, and scenarios play into creating positive change!

Through the medium of a card game we can add stories, game discussion, and background information on how the game is a mirror for how change and systems work happens at the local system and above! Tools like this can not only be fun and an exploration of art but they are also a way to support and teach aspects of what is a complicated system.

Card game not for you but want to support this projects impact and growth? Check out our donation options to support gifts to schools, non-profits, and neighborhood clubs!


Pledge Options

Not Just A Game Though! Developed with the launch of the game will be physical and digital booklets on different game types, educational activities, and discussion topics about the inspiration and real life application of the cards!


Education Background

Helpful Across People And Ages! For multiple levels of interest, play, and exploration. Wanting to learn and have conversations around positive change and our system is a universally helpful skill! 

That said, this game can be mapped to education standards starting into 4th and 5th grade through senior year. Some of these are hard skills like understanding rules and history. Some of these though are also the soft skills of communication, expression of ideas, and working with others. 

We will be producing a initial educators game design document and education standard breakdown in early July! We are currently talking to educators to help review and provide feedback on a number of game modes and activities for students of multiple ages!


To The Moon! (Stretch Goals)

Banner for stretch goals and ideas

Our team has put together a number of stretch goals for this campaign! Each pledge, add-on, and donation goes toward us being able to do more with the game! Together let us see what kind of goals we will reach!!

Initial Crowdfund Goal - 33,300

1st Goal - 38,000 -> All boosters get +1 card and bonus support for art and artists!!
2nd Goal - 44,400 -> Boosters get holographic cards, unique foils, and alternate art possibilities!
3rd Goal - 50,000 -> 5 Card Expansion, with theme and inspiration for new cards voted on by community!
4th Goal - 55,500 -> Decks Get Alternate Art, include multiple art designs of some cards in deck options!
5th Goal - 60,000 -> Production Team Bonus, additional support to team working to produce game!
6th Goal - 77,700 -> $5,000 TPC Tournament, tournament rules and event organized and streamed in 2025!
7th Goal - 88,800 -> $5000 Card And Food Bank Donation, donate meals, snacks, and cards to families these holidays!

Crowdfund Details

We have broken down the remaining needs to finish the design, education guides, and art to be printed. A third of our initial goal is set to bring in and support a diversity of artists. With the remaining going to educators , document designers, editors, outreach, printing, assembly, and production of The People’s Champion!
In a crowdfund campaign you pledge towards a product and when the project meets its goal than the funds are exchanged. In our crowd fund you choose different amounts of cards, art, and resources that you want! It is our goal to begin shipping in November with all pledges going into the December Holidays.

Project Timeline and Shipping

After the project closes and all pledges are processed by BackerKit, we will open the pledge manager. This will open a few weeks after the project closes. There you will provide your physical address and pay for pledge level costs plus any taxes. This includes state sales tax for those within the United States, or value/duties taxes for those outside of the United States. We worked to include shipping into the price point of game for those in continental United States. For international customers, Hawaii, Alaska, and territories will be additional shipping added during the pledge manager! 

For international customers, VAT/Duties are not included in the base game cost and must be paid separately. We will be assessing all taxes, duties, and other fees in the pledge manager. Please review your local import laws so you are prepared.

*We reserve the right to cancel and refund orders to international orders for any reason.


About Us

Community Driven Group is a social impact organization with the goal of bringing people together around the brightest leaders, communities, ideas, and solutions for positive impact! The People's Champion was inspired by the use of games as a tool for understanding complex rules in a way that can feel playful and new! We have a growing list of collaborators who have been helping us design, plan, and work on the game!

Community Driven's founder Braeden Miguel first venture after college was developing products in the education space. The focus was STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities, camps, and eventually produced a full coloring and activity book!

After producing that activity book Braeden transitioned into learning how our political and local structures work. Volunteering for many years with political organizations and working in climate activism space Braeden kept looking for ways to reduce barriers in understanding and activation into positive change! Leading up to the card game Community Driven created a blog, a community database, put on local events, worked for different organizations, and created a Youtube page with over 100 videos!

Braeden has worked as a photographer for over 10 years, volunteered for activist/community groups for 8 years, and a videographer for three years! The People's Champion is a way to bring all these areas together to create something fun, innovative, and helpful for navigating the place we are in the world right now!

Note: Images found throughout are not completely final and there may be changes between the final product and the images in the campaign.

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